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Yume Noroi (ユメノロイ)
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RPG Maker 2000

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December 1, 2011


TsumetogiSprite Tsumetogi (つめとぎ)

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Yume Noroi or Yumenoroi (ユメノロイ, 夢呪) lit. Dream Curse is a Yume Nikki fangame made by ぬえ子 (Nueko). It stars Tsumetogi (つめとぎ), possibly an older dreamer who seems to be a hikikomori.


Yume Noroi plays like most Yume Nikki fangames, but the main objective in Yume Noroi is collecting effects. You enter the "dream world" through the computer, and save at the papers next to the computer. Tsumetogi wakes up from the menu, and crawls out of her bed when "waking up". When an effect is collected, a glowing circle appears in the nexus, and you can place the respective effect (each effect is assigned a color) on the circle with Z, and interact with it again if you want the effect back.


Tsumetogi has many places of herself in her "dreams", she is possibly ashamed of something she has done, or herself. It seems as if she had problems in school and got very jealous over a crush. Using the nail effect on hearts causes a nail to be driven through them, that stays there, possibly meaning she was rejected or heartbroken by this person.

Warning: Spoilers for the ending of Yume Noroi (Highlight at your own risk)

In the School World, Tsumetogi is shown smiling over the dead body of what appears to be her crush/someone she loved, for there have also been parts where both were shown smiling while holding hands with each other, and a giant hand separating the pair in the room with another Tsumetogi sitting all alone. After collecting all the effects and placing them on their respective circles in the nexus, going outside to Tsumetogi's balcony shows stairs that were not there before, and she then jumps off, similar to the ending of Yume Nikki.


Name Image Description
Nail (くぎ) Noroieff2 Tsumetogi wields a huge, sharp nail, and kills NPCs when interacting with them. Pressing SHIFT makes her stab in front of her.
Tanuki (たぬき) YumeNoroiTanukiEff Tsumetogi grows tanuki (raccoon dog) ears and tail, and a leaf stays on her front hair.
Seedbed (なえどこ) Noroieff1 Tsumetogi's skin becomes a dark green and a red flower sprouts from her head, decreasing her speed.
Straw Doll (わらにんぎょう) Noroieff3 Tsumetogi holds a small straw voodoo doll. Pressing SHIFT makes her to squeeze the doll and warp back to the nexus.
Hat (ハウチング) Noroieff4 Tsumetogi wears some sort of uniform/outfit and a green-white hat. Pressing SHIFT raises her hand and she holds the brim of her hat and nods forward.
Ghost (ゴースト) Noroieff5 Tsumetogi becomes a ghost, increasing her speed.
Student (がくせい) Noroieff6 Tsumetogi wears a school uniform.

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