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Yume Nisshi (夢日誌)
Yume Nisshi Title.png
Yume Nisshi's title screen
Latest Version

0.05 (2020/2/16)






RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

February 15, 2010


Usotsuki (うそつき) Usotsuki (うそつき)

Nexus Doors



22 (plus instructions/scrapbook)



Overview[edit | edit source]

Yume Nisshi (夢日誌) is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Zenmaigahara. The game stars Usotsuki, whose name literally means "liar"; not to be confused with Urotsuki, Yume 2kki's protagonist.

After version 0.02, Zenmaigahara discovered that a western fangame had stolen some content from Yume Nisshi and blocked v0.03 upon release with several passwords to prevent other westerners from playing it. They temporarily discontinued the game after the passwords were solved and the game was distributed.

Some time after, they released version 0.04, also blocked with a password, the hint being "the name of the person who went to Onigashima with a monkey, a pheasant and a dog" in Japanese. This password is a reference to a story from Japanese folklore that was reused during World War II in Japan as an allegory for Japan's forces fighting against America, seemingly representing Zenmaigahara's anti-western views, which have been described as xenophobic.

Monetizing videos or streams of the game is implicitly prohibited. It used to be that even recording or streaming the game was prohibited, but Zenmaigahara got tired of replying to requests for permission and lifted the ban in v0.04.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

"Go*d Night World"

Yume Nisshi is a traditional-styled fangame involving collecting effects and exploring Usotsuki's dreams. It has a more somber, lonely atmosphere than Yume Nikki and has more toned-down, subtle creepiness and very little blood. Like most protagonists, Usotsuki does not want to, or is unable to leave her room. Unlike many other fangames, however, you can obtain an item that allows you to save anywhere in the dream world.

In Usotsuki's real room, there is a door to a debug room that appears when she interacts with one of the corners of her room. However, as of v0.03, the door is blocked by a radio she owns.

The dream world is entered by sleeping in the bed, and progress can be saved using the desk. When entering the dream world, a screen with the writing "Go*d Night World" in broken, sketchy letters appears. The significance of this image and the reason why it appears are still unknown.

As of v0.05, Yume Nisshi has 23 effects to collect and currently has no endings, but many events. As you explore Usotsuki's dreams, more doors appear in the nexus. An inaccessible room found in the game via RPG Maker hints at being able to switch playable characters.

Plot[edit | edit source]

None, as of v0.05; it is currently unknown why Usotsuki is isolated her in room and why she doesn't want to leave.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Name Image Description
N/A Optional; allows you to save anywhere in the game. If used from the items menu, it lets you see the game's instructions.
Usotsuki's head turns into a match. Lights up dark areas. At first Usotsuki's head is just a red match head. When pressing SHIFT, the match is lit. Pressing it again will blow out the flame and she will be left with a black burnt-out head. Pressing it a third time will bring it back to red.
Nail Bat
Usotsuki holds a nail bat. When interacting with NPC's, she will swing the bat and smack them with it, killing or wounding them.
Porcelain/Bisque Doll
Usotsuki is dressed in a pink doll outfit. Pressing SHIFT will cause her to curtsey. If you have the Valentine's Day Patch applied, you can change the dress color to brown by interacting with the heart on the Dream Balcony after having obtained the Chocolate (チョコレート).
Twintails - Braids ver.
Usotsuki has braided twintails, referencing Madotsuki from Yume Nikki. Pressing SHIFT will cause Usotsuki to sit down. You can only acquire either one of the two versions of the Twintails effect per save file.
Twintails - Pigtails ver.
Usotsuki's hair is tied in pigtails with blue ribbons. Pressing SHIFT will cause Usotsuki to sit down. You can only acquire either one of the two versions of the Twintails effect per save file.
Usotsuki head changes into a rabbit's head, with floppy ears. She walks significantly faster with this effect on, and can jump across certain gaps with it. Pressing SHIFT will cause her to bounce.
Flower Crown
Usotsuki has a large white rose on top of her head. Pressing SHIFT will cause you leave pollen behind as a landmark. Only five pollen clusters can be placed at a time.
Usotsuki has brown cow horns. Pressing SHIFT will cause a red orb to appear between the horns; this stops most NPCs from moving, and can change the appearances of certain NPCS or cause certain ones to appear.
Usotsuki's hair turns green, her dress turns grey, and her shoes turn indigo.
Snow Bug / Prociphilus Oriens
Usotsuki turns into a small snow bug. This causes the weather to change to snow; pressing SHIFT will change the amount of snow that falls. The Snow Bug also allows Usotsuki to cross through the step in sewer, and enter small holes.
Usotsuki wears a sack with a hole in it over her head, tied with a red ribbon. This effect is possibly a Rule of Rose reference.
Straw Hat
Usotsuki wears a straw hat with a black ribbon on it. She tips the hat when pressing SHIFT.
Eyeball Box
Usotsuki's head turns into a cube with an eye on each side. Pressing SHIFT will make the cube drop to the ground, hiding all of Usotsuki's body inside it; the cube's eyes will then close, taking Usotsuki back to the nexus.
Usotsuki wears a purple scarf. Pressing SHIFT will turn the scarf into a hooded cloak held together with a blue flower pin.
Usotsuki turns into a chimera. Most NPCs will run away from her. Pressing SHIFT will make Usotsuki meow.
Usotsuki grows thorns all over her body, her head is tilted, and she has three thorns for legs. Her speed is reduced with this effect on.
Usotsuki holds an ocarina, a type of flute. Pressing SHIFT will make Usotsuki play one of a variety of tunes on it.
Usotsuki becomes trapped in a glass bottle jar, and is unable to move. Pressing SHIFT will make Usotsuki shake her head.
Kaleidoscope Wheel
Usotsuki has a kaleidoscopic wheel on her head. Pressing SHIFT will show a random kaleidoscopic pattern on the screen. In the Gameboy World, the field becomes colorful while this effect is equipped, and pressing SHIFT will change the worlds' colours. 
Usotsuki's lower body turns into a bird cage on two slim metal legs. If you have obtained a Dove (はと) from a tent in the White Plains, pressing SHIFT will cause Usotsuki to release the dove from her cage, then the dove will always return to Usotsuki's original dream room. When no dove is in the cage, pressing SHIFT causes her to cover her cage under her dress, and tie it with a ribbon.
Usotsuki's body becomes soft and pliant, causing her form to distort as she moves.:This effect is only accessible as of version 0.05.
Usotsuki matures, growing taller.:This effect is only accessible as of version 0.05.
Usotsuki wraps herself in a curtain, causing her to levitate above the ground.:This effect is only accessible as of version 0.05.
Usotsuki becomes a centaur with horse ears and four legs.:This effect is inaccessible as of version 0.03.
Pyramid Head
Usotsuki's head becomes a pyramid. All chasers will run away from her. This effect is a direct reference to Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill video game series.:This effect is inaccessible as of version 0.03.

Gameplay Images (Version 0.04+)[edit | edit source]

Gameplay Video (Version 0.02)[edit | edit source]


Yume Nisshi (v0.02) - S m i l e-1

Downloads[edit | edit source]

Original[edit | edit source]

Version Date Announcement Download
Ver. 0.05

February 16, 2020

Twitter getuploader

Password: [yumenisshi]

Ver. 0.04+

February 14, 2015

Twitter getuploader

Password: [yumenisshi]


Valentine's Day Patch

February 14, 2015

Ver. 0.04

December 1, 2014

? getuploader

Password: [momotarou]

Ver. 0.03

July 15, 2012

? MediaFire
Ver. 0.02

June 19, 2011

? Deleted/Missing
Ver. 0.01

November 28, 2010

? Deleted/Missing
Ver. 0.00

February 15, 2010

? Uboachan (Mirror)

Translations[edit | edit source]

Version Languages Translators Announcements Downloads
Ver. 0.04+
  • Chinese
Ver. 0.03
  • English
  • English
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Anonymous

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