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Yume Nikki Hazard (ゆめにっきハザード)
Yume Nikki Hazard's title screen
Latest Version

111129 (2011/11/29)


Mado (まど)




RPG Maker 2003

Release Date

November 28, 2011


Madotsuki Madotsuki

Nexus Doors



24 + Guns




Yume Nikki Hazard (ゆめにっきハザード) is an unofficial Yume Nikki mod created by Mado (まど). It was inspirited by a Japanese freeware game Doraemon Nobita no BIOHAZARD (ドラえもん のび太のBIOHAZARD, lit. Doraemon Nobita's Resident Evil) which added the combat elements of Resident Evil. The mod's expansion patch is only available for the Japanese version of Yume Nikki, and appears to introduce some bugs.


In this mod, the game basically follows the rule of the original gameplay - you play as Madotsuki to search for the effects in her dream world, except now she will have guns as her weapons, and some of the NPCs in the dream world are now dangerous enemies. Madotsuki can now receive health damage in the dream world and be forced to wake up if she's defeated. Players earn money and 3 kinds of medals: Gold, Silver and Copper, by killing the enemies in a single map or triggering the events.

The mod introduces a new nexus door that leads to a weapon and upgrades shop.

The ending is the same, but another new door will also appear in the Nexus after all the effects are dropped—it leads to a score-attack challenge mode with completely randomized maps and enemies.


  • Hold the Z or Enter key to ready the firearm.
  • Press the Z or Enter key to fire.
  • Press the X or Esc key to reload.
  • The bottom left corner shows the number of Bullets and Magazines.
  • The bottom right corner shows Madotsuki's health.
  • Press the Shift or 1 key to strafe.
  • Hold the X or Esc key to unready the firearm.
    • Other controls are the same as the original game.


Name Image Cost Description
HazardGun01.png N/A Damage: 80-90
Fire Rate: 24-22
Bullets: 10-12
Magazines: 2-5
Range: 4
Upgrade Cost: 10

The default weapon that the player can obtain in Madotsuki's Dream Room from the start.
Assault Rifle
HazardGun02.png 4 Coppers Damage: 80-90
Fire Rate: 14-13
Bullets: 18-20
Magazines: 4-6
Range: 5
Upgrade Cost: 20

Rapid fire in a straight line.
HazardGun03.png 2 Silvers
5 Coppers
Damage: 50-60
Fire Rate: 25-23
Bullets: 8-9
Magazines: 3-4
Range: 5
Upgrade Cost: 24

Enemies take more damage at close range with this weapon.
HazardGun04.png 3 Silvers
3 Coppers
Damage: 300-330
Fire Rate: 76-73
Bullets: 4-5
Magazines: 2-4
Range: 7
Upgrade Cost: 25

Slower than the pistol or shotgun, but deals incredible damage.
Submachine Gun
HazardGun06.png 6 Coppers Damage: 60-70
Fire Rate: 12-11
Bullets: 21-24
Magazines: 3-5
Range: 3
Upgrade Cost: 30

Deals less damage and operates at closer range than the pistol or assault rifle. It has a much higher rate of fire, however.
Laser Gun
HazardGun05.png 5 Silvers Damage: 70-80
Fire Rate: 10
Bullets: 10-12
Magazines: 10-16
Range: 16
Upgrade Cost: 40

Shoot a long range laser that damages all the enemies in a straight line and directly to the sides of the projectile.
HazardGun07.png 4 Silvers
6 Coppers

Damage: 500-550
Fire Rate: 22-20
Bullets: 6
Magazines: 2-3
Range: 6
Upgrade Cost: 40

Deals significant damage with a faster rate of fire than the pistol, but reload is very slow.

Sniper Rifle
HazardGun08.png 5 Silvers
6 Coppers
Damage: 300-330
Fire Rate: 44-40
Bullets: 3-4
Magazines: 2-3
Range: 8
Upgrade Cost: 40

Holding Shift will activate Scope Mode, and multiply the dealt damage by 3.
HazardGun09.png 14 Coppers Damage: 70-80
Fire Rate: 3
Bullets: 100-120
Magazines: 0-1
Range: 9
Upgrade Cost: 60

Extremely high rate of fire and high capacity at the cost of movement speed and spare magazines.

Other Items[]

Name Cost Description
First Aid Spray
1 Gold Completely restores health once.
Extend First Aid Spray
1 Gold Completely restores health multiple times.
Shotgun Rapid Fire Function
1 Gold Increases the fire rate of the Shotgun.
Takodashi Machine
1 Silver Triggers the Takofuusen event easier.
Light Switch Auto Function
Triggers the Uboa event by just clicking the light switch.
Double Speed Up Switch
1 Copper Increases the speed without bicycle effect.
1 Gold Allows you to save the game anywhere you want.

Download / External Link[]

Version Date Announcement Download
111129 November 29, 2011 Nicovideo Patch
Patch (Mirror)