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Yume Mienai: Pocket Version
Title Screen (Patch 3.0)
Latest Version

Patch 3.0 (2020/02/10)






RPG Maker VX Ace

Release Date

June 29, 2019


YumeMienaiPocketProtags Annie, Pon

Nexus Doors

4 (3 accessible)


Annie - 2 (+ 2 pages)
Pon - 2


1 (?)


Yume Mienai: Pocket Version (Yume Mienai Pocket for short) is a Spanish fangame created by Annie-Mienai for Dream Diary Jam 3. It was developed in RPG Maker VX Ace and is based on an unreleased project: Yume Mienai: A Diary of a Blind Girl.


Yume Mienai: Pocket Version plays like a traditional fangame. The player enters the dream world by sleeping in the bed. The goal is to explore, collect effects and find pages of the main character's diary.

The game also includes battles, where the main character must defeat other characters to progress in the game. The player can save by interacting with the diary in the bedroom.


  • Move - Arrow Keys
  • Interact - Z
  • Wake Up - S
  • Effect Action - A
  • Open Menu - X


The player controls a teenage girl named Annie. Annie is a blind amnesiac who discovers that her diary's missing some pages. Home alone and cold due to the rain, she decides to sleep off her troubles. While dreaming she meets up with her friend Pon, who joins her on a quest to find the missing pages.


Annie's EffectsEdit

Effect Image Description Icon
YumeMienaiPocketPrincessEff Annie is dressed as a princess. YumeMienaiPocketPrincessEffIcon
YumeMienaiPocketCloudEffAnnie Annie and Pon ride on orange clouds, increasing their speed.

(Note: This effect can only be equipped when playing as Pon.)

YumeMienaiPocketMegaphoneEff Annie uses a traffic cone as a megaphone. Pressing A makes her blow into it, causing the screen to shake. YumeMienaiPocketMegaphoneEffIcon

Pon's EffectsEdit

Effect Image Description Icon
YumeMienaiPocketCloudEffPon Pon and Annie ride on orange clouds, increasing their speed. YumeMienaiPocketCloudEffIconPon
Geisha YumeMienaiPocketGeishaEff Pon is dressed as a geisha. Pressing A makes her laugh. YumeMienaiPocketGeishaEffIcon

Gameplay Images (First Release)Edit

Gameplay Video (First Release)Edit

Yume Mienai Long gameplay Dream Diary Jam 2019 - Ep 1

Yume Mienai Long gameplay Dream Diary Jam 2019 - Ep 1


Version Date Announcement Download
Patch 3.0

February 10, 2020
Patch 2.0

September 20, 2019
Patch 1.0

August 23, 2019
First Release

June 29, 2019
Dream Diary Jam 3

A month long celebration of Yume Nikki's 15th anniversary (2019). Site

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