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Complete effects guide for Yume Graffiti (ver.0.035)


DreamGraffiti flowchart

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Effects Guide[]

Kingfisher (かわせみ)[]

Becomes [Kingfisher].


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Kingfisher

Appearance: Yomika becomes a human-size kingfisher bird.

Passive Effect: Yomika travels at double her walking speed.

Action: (Shift) Makes Yomika hop, chirp and flap her wings.

Location: Found in Jade World.

Practical Uses: Can be used to travel through the dream world much faster, chase fast-moving NPCs, and escape from chasers more easily.

Go to Jade World and interact with the Kingfisher head in the ground.

Hair (かみ)[]

Wears her [hair] long.


Appearance: Yomika's hair becomes extremely long, covering both of her eyes.

Passive Effect: NPCs may move away from her.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Hair

Action: (Shift) Makes the hair "clap" its edges with a loud sound.

Location: Found in Hair Slum.

Practical Uses: This effect allows Yomika to kill or injure NPCs (which sometimes leave behind money) and break open certain doorways.

Go to Hair World and enter the tunnel made of hair. At the crossroad, go to the right path to enter the Hair Slum. Keep going right until you find some hair at the end of a ledge. Interact with the hair to gain the effect.

Ocellus (かため)[]

[An eye] covered with hair becomes visible.


Appearance: Yomika reveals other eye.

Passive Effect: None.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Ocellus

Action: (Shift) Makes Yomika open the eye.

Location: Found in Monochrome World A.

Practical Uses: This effect allows Yomika to teleport to the Nexus at will.

Go to Wall's World and enter the small, green building. In the Brown Staircase, walk down to the left exit to enter Monochrome World A. Go to south west and enter the white cave. Interact with the red eye.

Ground Cherry (ほおずき)[]

Holds [Ground cherry].


Appearance: Yomika carries an orange lantern shaped like a big ground cherry.

Passive Effect: None.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Ground Cherry

Action: (Shift) Makes Yomika raise the lantern and it glows for a second before turning on/off.

Location: Found in Ghost Lantern Area.

Practical Uses: This effect allows Yomika to see in dark places.

Go to Wall's World and enter the door on one of the walls. Interact with the ground cherry growing out of the wall. Interact with the giant ground cherry in the Ghost Lantern Area.

Dragon (りゅう)[]

Left hand becomes [Dragon]'s one.


Appearance: Yomika carries a cyan orb.

Passive Effect: None.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Dragon

Action: (Shift) Makes Yomika raise the orb and her eye glows cyan while the orb glows to start the rain and vice versa.

Location: Found in Intestine Maze.

Practical Uses: None.

Go to Wall's World and enter the small, green building. In the Brown Staircase, walk to the left exit to enter Monochrome World A. Find a staircase that brings you to the Monochrome Staircase. Find the exit that takes you to the Dragon. Enter the Dragon's mouth and take either intestine path. In the Intestine Maze, make your way to a hole that takes you to a podium. Interact with the cyan orb to gain the effect.

Erhu (にこ)[]

Holds [Erhu].


Appearance: Yomika carries an Erhu.

Passive Effect: None.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Erhu

Action: (Shift) Cause two music notes to pop up, and Yomika will play a few notes on her Erhu.

Location: Found in the City.

Practical Uses: None.

Go to Jade World and enter the blue building. Avoid the chaser inside, then climb down the ladder to the City. Enter the door with a green sign over it and blood splatters nearby. It will lead you to a room with the Erhu in one of the corners.

Fox (きつね)[]

Appears [Fox] ears.


Appearance: Yomika's hair turns snow-white and has fox ears.

Passive Effect: None.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Fox

Action: (Shift) Causes snow to fall and vice versa.

Location: Found in Snow World.

Practical Uses: None.

Follow the guide to the Hair effect. At the crossroad go down to the Snow World. Find a hole in the ground and interact with the sleeping fox to gain the Effect.

Mask (かめん)[]

Wears [Mask].


Appearance: Yomika wears a Mask.

Passive Effect: None.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Mask

Action: (Shift) Makes Yomika transparent, causing chasers to run away from her.

Location: Found in Mask Temple.

Practical Uses: Allows Yomika to be unseen by chasers and makes them avoiding her.

Go to Cone World and find the door that brings you to the Pink Path. Interact with the red, cracked pillar to teleport to the Street. Go straight north and find the entrance to the Mask Temple. At the fork in the road, go left and interact with the masked ghost.

Sea Turtle (かめ)[]

Becomes [Sea turtle].


Appearance: Yomika turns into a sea turtle.

Passive Effect: Halvs Yomika`s speed at the land and double her speed in the water.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Sea Turtle

Action: (Shift) Makes her head pop off then roll back to its original place.

Location: Found in Hair World.

Practical Uses: Can be used to travel through the location with water much faster.

Follow the guide for the Dragon effect. In the Monochrome Staircase, find the exit that teleports you to the unreachable mural in Hair World. Interact with the robed NPC and then interact with the sea turtle.

Bug (むし)[]

Becomes [Bug].


Appearance: Yomika is now more bug-like.

Passive Effect: None.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Bug

Action: (Shift) Makes Yomika turn into a bug.

Location: Found in Bug Forest.

Practical Uses: In real bug form Yomika can fit into small gaps.

Follow the guide for the Dragon effect. In the Monochrome Staircase, find the exit to a spiral path. Interact with the black grass to be teleported to the Bug Forest. Interact with the bug on the ground.

Tengu (てんぐ)[]

Becomes [Tengu].


Appearance: Yomika turns into a Tengu.

Passive Effect: None.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Tengu

Action: (Shift) Will either make Yomika fly or walk.

Location: Found in Tengu Torii.

Practical Uses: Can be used to fly off certain edges.

Go to Water World and go north to interact with the gravestone. Go through Crow's Path Way, then go through the Tengu Torii. Go north until you reach a house. Go into the house and interact with the glowing orb.

Sand (すな)[]

Her entire bodies becomes made of [sand].


Appearance: Yomika is made of sand.

Passive Effect: None.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Sand

Action: (Shift) Makes Yomika sink until there's only her head left, halving her movement speed.

Location: Found in the Desert.

Practical Uses: None.

The Ground Cherry effect is required.

Go to Dark World and use the Ground Cherry effect to light your way. Go between the two square pillars. Avoid the chaser and interact with the green triangle to be teleported to the Desert. Take the right path between the foliage and then go south to find the sand man. Interact with him to gain the effect.

Hoop (わっか)[]

Takes out [Hoop].


Appearance: Yomika wears a multicolored halo on her back, and she becomes a whitish color.

Passive Effect: Every step take changes the color of the halo parts.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Hoop

Action: (Shift) Makes Yomika raise her arms and she strums the halo on her back, which plays a few notes and bounces a bit.

Location: Found in Dark Apartment.

Practical Uses: None.

Go to Dark World and find two lances, go between them warp you to a place with chasers, avoid it and go to the Desert. Go to the west side desert and go between the fences that bring you to the Village. Go north to the ghost town and enter the Dark Apartment on the right. Find a room with a glowing hoop in the middle of a black circle on the floor. Interact with it to gain the effect.

Parasite (きせい)[]

Be infected by [Parasites].


Appearance: Some sort of parasite wraps around Yomika's head, and a large eye rests on her hair.

Passive Effect: None.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Parasite

Action: (Shift) Makes the eye stretch out a bit and wiggle from side to side, with Yomika's arms raise slightly while the eye wiggles.

Location: Found in Parasite Forest.

Practical Uses: None.

Follow the guide for the Kingfisher effect. In the City, go south to the train station. Enter the door with no sign above it and interact with the robot on the bottom. Go back to the station and ride the train. Exit once the train has stopped. In the Parasite Forest, keep going south until you find a giant parasite. Interact with it to gain the effect.

Stagehands Outfit (くろこ)[]

Wears a black outfit which is worn by [Stagehands].


Appearance: Yomika dawns a black outfit worn by stagehands in traditional Japanese theater.

Passive Effect: None.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Kuroko

Action: (Shift) Makes Yomika pull the black veil off her face for a brief moment.

Location: Found in the Sewers.

Practical Uses: None.

Go to Water World and find the entrance to the Playground. Go down the stairs, then go into the grey building to reach the Sewers. Find a room with two silhouettes. Interact with the white silhouette, then interact with the black silhouette.

Hitodama (ひとだま)[]

Becomes [Hitodama].


Appearance: Yomika becomes a Hitodama.

Passive Effect: None.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Hitodama

Action: (Shift) Makes Yomika turn into a light blue fire ball for a split second.

Location: Found in Flooded Underground.

Practical Uses: None.

The Long Hair effect is required.

Go to Water World and find a entrance to the Playground, go down the stair, go left and enter the door to the Docks. Go up and find a door that brings you to the Green City. Find a hole in the wall the leads to the Flooded Underground. Go to south east to the locked door, use the Long Hair effect to break it, then go to the bottom entrance, interact with the Ghost Fire to gain the effect.

Pillar (はしら)[]

Becomes [Pillar].


Appearance: Yomika becomes a thick, grayish pillar.

Passive Effect: When equipped, Yomika can't move or interact with anything. Trying to move/interact with anything will make her de-equip the effect.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Pillar

Action: (Shift) Makes Yomika melt completely, then regain her previous form.

Location: Found in the Dungeon.

Practical Uses: None.

Go to Hair World and find six parallel murals. Walk between them to teleport to the Ancient Path. Walk right to the Dungeon. In the Dungeon, make your way to a grass bridge. Walk across and interact with the circular pillar to gain the effect.

Oni (おに)[]

Becomes [Oni].


Appearance: Yomika becomes an Oni.

Passive Effect: When equipped, Yomika can't move or interact with anything. Trying to move/interact with anything will make her de-equip the effect.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Oni

Action: (Shift) Makes Yomika raise her arms and cause the black stain on her body/shirt crawl onto her face for a split second.

Location: Found in Oni Field.

Practical Uses: None.

Sleeping on Yomika's Dream World bed will have a chance to transport you to the Inner City. Make your way to Train II and hop on the train. Exit once the train has stopped and interact with the stone spire. Once in the Oni Field, enter the hole and interact with the red oni inside to gain the effect.

Spider (くも)[]

Becomes [Spider].


Appearance: Yomika turns into a small spider.

Passive Effect: None.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Spider

Action: (Shift) Makes Yomika project a spider web string out of her mouth.

Location: Found in the Aquarium.

Practical Uses: None.

Follow the guide for the Kingfisher effect. In the City, find a door that takes you to Monochrome World B. interact with a jellyfish that warps you to the Aquarium. Enter the stairs surrounded by burnt pillars. Interact with the giant spider.

Mildew (かび)[]

Become [Mildew].


Appearance: Yomika turns into mildew.

Passive Effect: None.


Yume Graffiti Effects Guide - Mildew

Action: (Shift) Makes Yomika melt and have bubbles flying around her, then regain her previous form.

Location: Found in Dusty House.

Practical Uses: None.

Follow the guide for the Spider effect. Exit the Aquarium to the Moss area. Enter the Dusty House, climb to the second floor and enter the right door. Interact with the mildew pile.

Events Guide[]

There are many Events in the game. Some of them matter to get one of the two endings. Ending 1 becomes available once the 20 required Events/Sceneries have been witnessed.

[EDITOR'S NOTE (05/27/2020) : This wiki doesn't have all 20 necessary events documented yet, I'll be working on that for the next few days by adding the few missing ones and either put events that matter toward Ending 1 and other Events in different categories, or add under certain events a sentence that says if they matter for game progression. If you have any problems with getting Ending 1, please leave a comment on this page and I can try to help you.]

Monochrome Graveyard[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Monochrome Graveyard

In Monochrome World B, there is a monochrome graveyard and a sleepy man face scenery. Interact with the grave and it will change the man's face.

Sea Anemone[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Sea Anemone

Between the Aquarium and Moss, there is a small hole that has a big sea anemone. After seeing the sea anemone Yomika will be forced to wake-up.

Secret Scenery[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Secret Scenery

Follow the guide to the Spider effect. Use the Hair Effect on the cracks behind the giant spider.

Tengu Flight[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Tengu Flight

Walk to the right from Moss will come to a gray building, go through many rooms to the rooftop, where you can have a flying event like Yume Nikki's Witch Flight by using the Tengu effect.

Port Shadow[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Port Shadow

There is a random event in which a shadow appears at the ocean scene in the port.

Guard Room[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Guard Room

There is a random event which the guard room in the dark forest becoming messy, and on the top has a hole that can leads you to the train track with the guard's dead body.

Chaser Mirror[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Chaser Mirror

Near the Pillar effect in Dungeon, there is a room that has a chaser in a mirror. When Yomika try's to leave the room, a chaser will pop out from the mirror and go into Yomika's body.

Turtle Swimming[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Turtle Swimming

Go to the exit of the Blue City will come to a sinking rooftop like gray building. Using the Sea Turtle effect can have turtle swimming event.

Girl on the Swing[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Girl on the Playground

There is a random chance that there will be a girl sitting on the swing in the playground of the Alley. Killing her with the Hair, she will be covered in blood, the second time hitting her, she will die.

Scary Face Poster[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Scary Face Poster

There is a random event which a laughing scary face poster appears at the alley in playground. Using the Hair effect will make it opens its mouth and can lead you to the Aquarium.

Clock Tower[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Clock Tower

Go into the first door under the playground leads you to the clock tower. You go by elevators and interact with the clock on the top will start a full screen event.

Yomika's Dream Room[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Yomika's Dream Room

Go into the big hole in the Hell will lead you to Yomika's Dream Room. Go down the cave and go right until you see a dead chaser, Yomika then will start to cry and be forced to wake-up.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE : You must interact with the top half of the dead Chaser's body ! If you interact with the lower half, your progress will NOT increase and End 1 will be locked out of your save permanently.

Break Down[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Break Down

There is a place at Flooded Building's exit that has a broken stairway. You can use the Tengu effect to fly over the broken way to the Moss.

Eye in Flooded Building[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Eye In Flooded Building

There has an eye appearing when you go out to the Breakdown from the Flooded Building. There also has a random chance that it becomes bloody when you enter the Flooded Building.

Dark Apartment Rooftop[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Dark Apartments Rooftop

When you arrive the top of the Dark Apartment, a chaser will stand by the gap in the fence. Interact with it to make it push Yomika down to the cage full of chasers.

Locked Door in Dark Apartment[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Locked Door in Dark Apartments

There has a locked door in Dark Apartment, you can use the Hair effect to open it, then you will find a place that similar with Break Down scenery in Flooded Building but has a X sign door block your way.

Transform Into a Chaser[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Become a Chaser

There is a place with a huge hole which between Village and Teleport Temple where you need to use the Bug effect to enter. Go into the huge hole, Yomika will be transformed into a chaser and won't be able to use effects. You can only leave this place by waking up.

Teleport Temple Rooftop[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Teleport Temple Rooftop

You can find a square hole in Teleport Temple that will pop out a full-screen of face if you interact with it, then there will appear an elevator that leads you to the rooftop to see the sky scenery. 

Deadly Cactus[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Deadly Cactus

Follow the guide to the Sand effect. Take the north path between the foliage and interact with the gravestone. There is an area which has a big cactus with eyes. If you try to leave, Yomika will be stabbed to death with cactus needles and will be forced to wake up.

Monochrome Girl[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Monochrome Girl

Follow the guide to the Ocellus effect. Enter the stairs in Monochrome World A. Find and exit that takes you to a gray house. Use the Hair effect to kill the monochrome girl. After killing her, a door appears in the wall, leading to a room with a monster. The screen will start static and you'll be forced to wake up.



Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Digestion

Follow the guide to the Dragon effect. Inside the Intestine Maze, find a hole that takes you deeper into the maze. Entering the area with a large tumor. Trying to leave the area will cause eyeball monsters to appear and start chasing Yomika. After every single eyeball monster touches her, she will warp to the Dragon's stomach and be digested. She will be forced to wake up.



Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Memory

Follow the guide to the Oni effect. In the Oni Field, enter the archway that will teleport you to a sunset pathway. Go right until you find a hole that can only be entered with the Bug effect. In there, you will see a crying chaser if you look down.

Shadow Eye[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Shadow Eye

Go along the Ancient Path and enter the Dungeon. In the first level of the dungeon, keep towards the upper path until you find an exit that returns you to the other side of the Dungeon entrance in the Ancient Path. Keep going right to find the Shadow Eye.

Balcony Rave[]


Yume Graffiti Events & Curiosities - Balcony Rave

Interact with the statue that sometimes appears on Yomika's dream balcony.

Endings Guide[]

After you got all 20 effects, a door will appear in Yomika's dream room, next to the balcony door. Behind it is a room that contains 20 stands that let you drop your effects in order to achieve the endings. Each stand corresponds to the arrangement of effects in your menu (i.e. Kingfisher to first stand, Hair to second stand, and so on.) After dropping off all the effects, wake up and go down the ladder in Yomika's room to see the ending.

Ending 1[]

It`s need to see all 20 Events. For this ending, the crystal to the right of the ladder will be removed.

Ending 2[]

It`s need to see less than 20 events (meaning that if you want to see it, it must be achieved before you see all 20 events.) For this ending, the crystal to the left of the ladder will be removed.