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Yume Graffiti (ユメ-グラフィティ)
Dream Graffiti's Ver.0.035 Title Screen
Latest Version

0.035 (2017/01/02)






RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

December 5, 2010


Yomika (よみか) Yomika (よみか)

Nexus Doors







Yume Graffiti (ユメ-グラフィティ) or Dream Graffiti is a Japanese Yume Nikki fangame produced by Oudn (Blog, Pixiv, Twitter) in RPG Maker 2000.

As of now, it's currently in version 0.035. The game features a girl named Yomika, who lives in a treehouse.


In Yomika's room there is a bookshelf with only two books, one blue and the other green. The blue book gives you access to a sound test. As you progress through the game, you can unlock more music on the sound test screen. The green book brings up the save menu.

By interacting with the pile of grass on the floor, Yomika will fall asleep and enter the dream world. In the dream world, she can find and obtain Effects that will allow her access to other areas or trigger certain Events. She can wake up anytime by pinching her cheek.


  • Move - Arrow Keys
  • Interact - Z/Space
  • Open Menu - X/Esc
  • Effect Action - Shift


Considering her living conditions, this game most likely takes place at an earlier point in time as opposed to the modern rooms of the other fangames. Yomika herself seems to be in a sort of leaf skirt.

The game's motif appears to be mainly nature-based, with most of the Effects being traditional Japanese demons/outfits/creatures.

Yomika seems to be by herself in her treehouse, possibly because she lives in a forest isolating her from the rest of the world. She cannot leave due to the forest overgrowth, or that it is too dangerous to go outside.


Dream Graffiti currently has 20 Effects (as of version 0.035).

Name Image Description
GraffEff6 Yomika turns into a Kingfisher bird, doubling her movement speed. Pressing SHIFT makes her hop, chirp and flap her wings.
GraffEff7 The game's weapon Effect. Yomika's hair becomes extremely long, covering both of her eyes. Interacting with NPCs causes it to lash out and cut them, wounding/killing them. It can also be used to open blocked passages to other areas. Pressing SHIFT will make the hair "clap" its edges with a loud sound.
GraffEff15 Yomika's other eye becomes visible. Pressing SHIFT makes her open the eye which returns her to the Nexus.
Ground Cherry
GraffEff11Groundcherry2 Yomika carries an orange lantern shaped like a big ground cherry. The lantern can be used to light up dark areas. Pressing SHIFT makes Yomika raise the lantern and it glows for a second before turning on. Pressing SHIFT again will turn it off.
GraffEff13 Yomika carries a cyan orb found in the dragon's belly. Pressing SHIFT makes Yomika raise the orb and her eye glows cyan while the orb glows. It will then start to rain, or you can make it stop raining by pressing SHIFT again.
GraffEff4 Yomika carries an Erhu. Pressing SHIFT will cause two music notes to pop up, and Yomika will play a few notes on her Erhu.
GraffEff14 Yomika's hair turns snow-white and has fox ears. Pressing SHIFT makes it snow or stop snowing.
GraffEff8 Yomika wears a gray mask. Pressing SHIFT makes her transparent, causing chasers to run away from her.
Sea Turtle
GraffEff9 Yomika turns into a sea turtle, halving her movement speed. When this effect is used underwater, it doubles Yomika's speed. Pressing SHIFT will make her head pop off then roll back to its original place.
GraffEff1Bug2 Yomika is now more bug-like. Pressing SHIFT makes her turn into a bug. In this form Yomika can pass through small passages.
GraffEff3Tengu2 Yomika turns into a Tengu. Pressing SHIFT will either make her fly or walk. When floating, she is able to fly off certain edges.
GraffEff2Sand2 Yomika is made of sand. Pressing SHIFT makes her sink until there's only her head left, halving her movement speed. Pressing SHIFT again will make her return to her previous state.
GraffEff12 Yomika wears a multicolored halo on her back, and she becomes a whitish color. Every step you take changes the color of the halo parts. Pressing SHIFT makes her raise her arms and she strums the halo on her back, which plays a few notes and bounces a bit.
GraffEff5 Some sort of parasite wraps around Yomika's head, and a large eye rests on her hair. Pressing SHIFT makes the eye stretch out a bit and wiggle from side to side, Yomika's arms raising slightly as it does so.
Stagehands Outfit
GraffEff10 Yomika dons a black outfit worn by stagehands in traditional Japanese theater. Pressing SHIFT makes her pull the black veil off her face for a brief moment.
GraffEff16 Yomika becomes a Hitodama. Pressing SHIFT will make her turn into a light blue fire ball for a split second.
GraffEff17 Yomika becomes a thick, grayish pillar. When equipped, Yomika can't move or interact with anything. Trying to move/interact with anything will make her de-equip the Effect. Pressing SHIFT will make her melt completely, then regain her previous form.
GraffEff18 Yomika becomes an Oni. Pressing SHIFT will make her raise her arms and cause the black stain on her body/shirt to crawl onto her face for a split second.
GraffEff19 Yomika turns into a small spider. Pressing SHIFT will make her project a spider web string out of her mouth.
GraffEff20 Yomika turns into mildew. Pressing SHIFT will make her melt and have bubbles flying around her, then regain her previous form.

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