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Yume Fumi
Yume Fumi Version .07 Title screen
Latest Version

.07 (2021-05-31) (Last)






RPG Maker 2000 (Ver .01 - Ver .02)
RPG Maker 2003 (Ver .03 onwards)

Release Date

September 26, 2014


Lilit / Insomnia Lilit / Insomnia

Nexus Doors

Lilit - 6
Insomnia - 7


Lilit - 20
Insomnia - 17


Lilit - 2+1 (Bad Ending) / Insomnia - 2+1 (Bad Ending)


Yume Fumi is a Spanish Yume Nikki fangame made by Twinky-05. The game stars Lilit and Insomnia.

Yume Fumi's first release, version .01 (made with RPG Maker 2000), had twenty effects to collect in total, ten for each character. Version .02 added two effects (one for each heroine) and significantly altered all of Lilit and Insomnia's sprites.

The more recent versions, version .03 and onwards, were made with RPG Maker 2003. Version .03 added 1 more effect for Lilit, raising the total number of effects to 35 (Lilit - 19 ; Insomnia - 16). In addition, Insomnia's sprites were slightly altered once more. In the Version 07 (Last) added 1 more effect for Lilit and Insomnia, raising the total number of effects to 37 (Lilit - 20 ; Insomnia - 17)


In Yume Fumi the player follows the traditional exploration concept as Yume Nikki. You always start as Lilit, and you can switch to Insomnia and back using a book.

While Lilit goes to her bed to dream like various fangame characters, Insomnia goes to her computer. Your main goal is to collect all effects for both characters. Their worlds are quite different from each other, so it does matter if you play just one or both of them.


Lilit and Insomnia seem to share some history together and have known each other since they were little. They occasionally appear in each other's dreams.


Lilit's Effects[]

Name Image Description
Unbrella (Paraguas) LilitEff01Ver2n3.png Lilit floats in the air with a pink umbrella. It doubles her speed.
Handgun (Pistola) LilitEff05Ver2n3.png Lilit holds a gun. She can use it to kill NPCs, but not chasers.
Bubble (Burbuja) LilitEff07Ver2n3.png Lilit is transformed into a pink bubble shaped like her. Press Z to return to the nexus.
White Hood LilitEff03Ver2n3.png Lilit is wears a white hoodie with the hood up. It turns her invisible to almost all NPCs and a few chasers.
Buttons (Botones) LilitEff10Ver2n3.png Lilit gets a pair of buttons instead of eyes. It allows to see the "real self" of some NPCs.
Childhood (Infancia) LilitEff02Ver2n3.png Lilit turns into a small child. She can fit into some small entrances.
Light (Luz) LilitEff09Ver2n3.png Lilit is transformed into a yellow, slightly glowing silhouette. In this form, she can scare away some NPCs and chasers.
Lion Tribe (Tribu Leon) LilitEff08Ver2n3.png Bat chasers become faster when this effect is equipped.

This effect seems to reference Lavertus from Legend Of Chima.

Rage (Ira) LilitEff06Ver2n3.png A cosmetic effect. A reference to red lanterns from Green Lantern.
Strong (Fuerte) LilitEff04Ver2n3.png A cosmetic effect.

This effect seems to reference Susan Strong from Adventure Time.

Pajamas (Pijama) LilitEff11Ver2n3.png Lilit wears her pajamas. A cosmetic effect.
Sable Tribe (Tribu Sable) LilitEff12Ver3.png A cosmetic effect.
Pink Dress (Vestido Rosa)
Pink Dress.png
Lilit wears a light pink dress.
Blue Dress (Vestido Azul)
Blue Dress.png
Lilit wears a light blue dress.
Red Dress (Vestido Rojo)
Red Dress.png
Lilit wears a light red dress.
Earth (Tierra)
Lilit wear a Ninja Suit . Press Z to make an earthquake.
Ghost (Fantasma)
Earth (Ghost).png
Lilit becomes a ghost in a ninja suit. This effect replaces the Earth effect once it's collected after an event. The Earth effect must be obtained again in order to count towards the ending.
Armor (Armadura)
Armor L.png
Lilit wears a suit of armor.
Purple Dress (Vestido Morado)
Purple Dress.png
Lilit wears a purple dress and she floats.

Insomnia's Effects[]

Name Image Description
Skates Effect I.png
Insomnia wears a pair of orange skates that double her speed.

This effect references Top Man from Mega Man 3.

Scythe InsoEff06Ver3.png Insomnia carries a scythe, while wearing a wide grin. It allows to kill NPCs, with the exception of chasers.
Hoola-Hoola InsoEff08Ver3.png Insomnia has a green hula-hoop. Press the action key to make her return to the nexus.
Dark Matter InsoEff10Ver3.png Insomnia turns into a gloomy shadow that scares away all the chasers.
Little Child
Little Child.png
Insomnia turns into a small child. It allows you to see the "real self" of some NPCs.
Death InsoEff04Ver3.png Insomnia's outfit changes. She can kill chasers while wearing this effect. Reference to the black lanterns from the Green Lantern comics.
Blue Dress
Blue Dress Effect I.png
Insomnia wears a blue dress.
Wolf Tribe InsoEff07Ver3.png When the Scorpion is equipped, chasers will move faster.

This effect references Windra from Legend Of Chima.

Spider Tribe InsoEff09Ver3.png Cosmetic. This effect seems to reference Queen Spinlyn from Legend Of Chima.
Gitana InsoEff11Ver3.png Attracts several NPC.
Quadruples Insomnia's speed.
Insomnia wear a Ninja Suit. Lights up dark areas.
Ghost I.png
Insomnia wear a Ninja Suit.
White Ribbon
White Ribbon.png
Insomnia wears a white ribbon. Cosmetic.
Dark Hood
Insomnia (Dark Hood).png
Insomnia wears a Dark Hood.
Dark Dress
Insomnia wears a dark dress.

Gameplay Images (Version .06)[]


Version Date Announcement Download
Ver.07 (Bugfix 2.0) Jul 31, 2021 - Mediafire
Ver. 07 (Bugfix) Jun 02, 2021 - Mediafire
Ver. 07 (Last) May 31,2021 Pixiv Mediafire
Ver. 06 Bugfix February 12, 2019 Deviantart Mediafire
Ver. 06

September 24, 2017

Deviantart Mediafire
Ver. .05 Bugfix

September 22, 2016

Deviantart Mediafire
Ver. .05

May 7, 2016

Deviantart Mediafire
Ver. .04

October 4, 2015

Deviantart Mediafire

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