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Guide for version Alpha5+[]

Transformation Arts (Effects)[]


Carries Jetpack on his back to fly.

Appaerance: Yon Goh wears a jetpack on his back and floats slightly above the ground.

Passive effect: Yon Goh's moving speed duplicates.

Active effect: None.

Location: Octopus Tower.

Practical uses: Useful to explore the dream world faster, as well as evading some chasers.

Enter the Octopus Spear Squid World (the flashing blue line) and go down-right until you find a structure surrounded by red octopi, climb it and enter the door in it's upper part, inside the building go all the way right until you find a jetpack in the floor, interact with the jetpack to get the Art.


Equips sword.

Appaerance: Yon Goh carries a katana in a sheath.

Passive effect: None.

Active effect: Yon Goh takes the sword out of it's sheath and puts it back.

Location: Found in the Colorful Lines World or the Dark Storage.

Practical uses: Can be used to kill NPCs.

There are two routes to find this effect.

Turn off the lights in the real room and go to sleep. In the nexus, enter the Colorful Line World (the pastel blue door at the left), go down-right until you find a sword, interact with it to get the Art.

Alternative route (you need the Moonlight Art): don't turn the lights in the real room off before going to sleep. In the nexus, enter the Blackout World (the pastel yellow door at the left), go down and left interacting with the shadows blocking the path while using the Moonlight effect to make them dissappear until you find a big metallic building with arrows drawn in a wall, enter through the door and go to the room C, there the sword will be waiting for you.

This route is risky as it can crash the game in some builds of the English translation due to some unedited events that call a non existent file, so using the Colorful Line World route is recommended.


Becomes drum. Sound depends on direction.

Appaerance: Yon Goh becomes a drum with legs and a number 4 in the front side.

Passive effect: None.

Active effect: Depending on the direction you are facing, it can play different drum sounds (down - base drum, left - cymbal, right - hi hat, up - snare).

Location: Sincerity World.

Practical uses: Needed to find Kagerou and obtain the Shadow Art.

Enter the Lake World (the pink tile in the floor with the red kanji on it) and go through the only available path until you find a black wormlike creature, talk to it to be teleported to a digital looking version of the lake, go all the way left and then up and interact with the gong at the end of the path.


Makes his body look like 1-Bit color.

Appaerance: Yon Goh's sprite becomes monochrome, like if it was a 1-bit sprite.

Passive effect: None.

Active effect: In some maps Yon Goh can pause NPC's movement and invert the map's color palette (as well as his own).

Location: Monochrome Moai World.

Practical uses: Used to stop certain NPCs, can be used to beat the GIDA Bros' Dodge course.

Enter the Radio Wave World (the gray Y-like sculpture) and go down-right until you see a TV, interact with it to be teleported to the Monochrome Moai World, there go down and left until you see an entrance leading upwards, navigate the Wilderness-esque maze and interact with the monochrome person at the end.


Makes his body look like ditigal color.

Appaerance: Yon Goh's sprite becomes black with bright green outlines, giving him a digital look.

Passive effect: Some NPCs with a similar style may have different dialogue.

Active effect: Activates "Digital Mode", which tints the screen green and shows a scanning bar like a radar, as well as showing hidden objects and doors.

Location: Metro Station.

Practical uses: Used to see hidden objects, obstacles and doors.

Enter the Kaen Village (the orange floating gear), go right and then down, enter the Metro Station and go downstairs, interact with the single NPC in the platform to get the Art.


Makes his body completely invisible.

Appaerance: Yon Goh wears purple clothes and his body is invisible.

Passive effect: None.

Active effect: Makes Yon Goh dissappear completely, which causes NPCs to ignore him.

Location: Digital Crystal World.

Practical uses: Useful to evade chasers.

Enter the Pattern Character World (the glitchy brown rectangle at the right) and move upwards until you see some multicolored structures coming out from the ground, walk between them to be warped to the Digital Crystal World, go up-left until you reach a similar looking purple structure, walk between the structures and go all the way up, interact with the purple cube at the end of the path to get the Art.


Illuminates area in the same way as Moon.

Appaerance: Yon Goh gets a colored glowy effect.

Passive effect: Illuminates dark areas.

Active effect: Yon Goh's glow can change colors between white, cyan, yellow and very rarely a rainbow.

Location: Moonlight Mountain's summit.

Practical uses: Used to lit up dark places, as well as getting NPCs blocking the path in dark areas to either move or dissappear.

Enter the Japanese Village (the japanese lamp in the nexus) and look for a big house, inside the house evade the chaser and go through the door at the right, you'll reach Moonlight Mountain, go all the way right and don't interact with broken stairs, go upwards and interact with the white squidlike figure to remove a block from the path, continue going through the previously blocked path and go down the long stairway, eventually start going upwards and you'll appear in a different area, go through the cave and then all the way right, interact with the yellow pillar at the end of the path to get the Art.

Tatami Shield[]

Protects in front of him with 'T.Flip'.

Appaerance: Yon Goh carries a tatami mat as a shield.

Passive effect: None.

Active effect: None.

Location: Japanese Village.

Practical uses: Can block chasers as long as you are facing them.

Go to the Japanese Village and interact with all four glowing orange triangles in the area (most of them are surrounded by lamps and small lakes, one of them is inside an abandoned house in a small bamboo forest in the village), once you have made all triangles dissappear, head to a square formation of stones in between some small houses, interact with the floating tatami mat that will be in the middle of the stone formation to get the Art.


Becomes shadow. He can crawl on floor.

Appaerance: Yon Goh becomes a shadow with white eyes and a purple outline, similar to Kagerou but keeping a humanoid form.

Passive effect: None.

Active effect: Can become a small dark puddle and go back to his normal humanoid form.

Location: Shadow Dimension.

Practical Uses: Can hide him from chasers when in puddle form.

(You need all the Transformation Arts to get this Art) Got to the Snowy Country (the blue door with strange markings) and move down-left until you reach a house surrounded by trees, go inside and interact with the pillar in the middle, you will be teleported to the Shallow Shoal, interact with the cube, when you appear in the water go right and then down until you find another cube, go all the way up and enter the house, you will be teleported to the Shadow mountain, here you can either go directly to your right or go through the visible path, if you go through the visible path between the trees, go to the left, then keep going through the only path available until you find what seems to be either an abandoned house or a shrine, stand in the middle of the summon circle in the floor and you'll warp to the Shadow Dimension, each map in the Shadow Dimension has a different "challenge" that requires you to use one of the previously obtained Arts.

-First Map: Sword, to kill the snakes in the way.

-Second map: Jet, to run from the falling spikes.

-Third map: 1-Bit, to stop the moving NPCs.

-Fourth map: Moonlight, to make the NPCs blocking the path move.

-Fifth map: Drum, to imitate the beat patterns that will play in the room.

-Sixth map: Tatami shield, to push the chasers.

-Seventh map: Vision, to avoid getting shot.

-Eight map: Digital, to see the hidden door.

After entering the door in the final map, you'll reach a cliff where Kagerou will be waiting for you, interact with him to get the Art, as well as to get him to join to your party.

Pseudo Effects[]

Close (Q)[]

Press X to close, Shift key to cancel.

This item doesn't change Yon Goh's appaerance, nor it is needed to get any of the endings. Using it shows a computer window frame, pressing X when the window frame shows will play a cutscene that looks like someone making an input in a text terminal, which teleports the player back to the Nexus.

(1-Bit or Jet are recommended, as well as Digital) Enter the Radio Wave World and more up-right until you find a big red Y shapped antenna, interact with it to be teleported to the Red Crimson Scarlet World, a series of small mazelike maps where you must interact with the glowing orange triangles, when you reach a map where you interact with either another glowing triangle or a red cube, interact with the cube to be warped to a teleport maze, in here, go right, right, down, down-right, down, right, left, down, and right, you'll appear in front of a differently colored tile that will warp you to the Shadoji World, an area with murals and some strange shadowlike chasers who unlike most NPCs, still chase you if you equip the Vision Art and turn invisible, so either stopping them with 1-Bit or outrunning them with the Jet is recommended, find a stair and go down it to reach Argon's Inspiration, a digital looking dungeon with the mechanic where you can only enter doors located in the center of the map and entering any other door will teleport you back to the Shadoji World, you can use Digital here to see which doors you are allowed to enter until you finally reach what seems to be a minimalistic hill surrounded with water, a cutscene with text will play and you will be granted the hability to "close" the game.


D4 Festival[]

Follow the instructions for the Drum art but interact with the purple object that's right before the room with the gong, navigate the purple maze until you find two interlocked squares, interact with them to get to a red maze full of chasers who don't chase you, let any of them catch you and you will be teleported to a room full of chasers, including one that constantly uses your own arts against you, in this map you won't be allowed to wake up or use the Close (Q) function, so the only thing you can do is getting caught. If any of these chasers catches you he'll shot you, which will show a picture of a mountain with the text "Please Stand By" before prompting a forced wake up.

Kagerou's Rage[]

In the map where you can get the Shadow art, if you use the 1-Bit art to stop time before interacting with Kagerou, there is a 1/66 chance the map will turn red, as well as Kagerou's normally purple outline, and some rather unsettling music will play, in this state you won't be able to use the menu to wake up or use the Close function, and the map exit will be blocked, the only thing you can do is interact with Kagerou, which will show a picture of him having a somewhat humanoid body with some snakes sprouting from his back (?). After this you will reappear in the eight map of the Shadow Dimension and upon reentering Kagerou's room you can interact normally with him.

Shrine Shenanigans[]

Go the the Japanese Village and move down, then surround the lake until you find a torii gate, go through it and you'll appear outside a shinto shrine. You can't enter but you can put money in the Saisen box as well as recovering all you HP by "purifying your body and mind" at the laddle in front of the shrine (which doesn't actually do anything useful in this version as the game ends with the only boss battle it has so far).

If you offer exactly 15 KaYen to the Saisen box, a red pepper will fall from one of the trees, interacting with it will teleport you to the Red Pepper World, a small area with nothing to do in it.

If you offer exactly 42 KaYen to the Saisen box, Yon Goh will die, which will show a game over picture before prompting a forced wake up event (likely a reference to how one of the pronunciations in 4 is shi and 2 is pronounced ni, making the pronunciation of four-two shi-ni, a homophone of death).

GIDA Bros' Dodge Course[]

(You will need the 1-Bit Art to complete this event) Go to the Kaen Village, move down and then left until you find a door, go downstairs until you reach a sewer, go through the only available door, you will reach the Monochrome Space, interact with the fast squid like NPC to warp to the Inverted Monochrome Space, interact with the red eye to enter the GIDA Bros' Park, then interact with the ball like character who welcomes you to start the dodge course.If you complete the course successfully you will unlock extra modes for the minigame NIFU.


Jump through the hole in the railing of Yon Goh's real balcony after getting the Shadow Art and talking to D4 (the chaser who looks just like Yon Goh but wearing red clothes) who will be standing in front of the house waiting for you will trigger a boss fight with him, most endings are different outcomes of this fight.

-Alpha ending: Defeat D4 in the battle, afterwards a cutscene will play where Yon Goh is in a hallway in his house and notices an open door, enter the door and interact with shiny object, you will get a mysterious letter, read it to get the ending.

-Yon Goh vanished ending: Lose to D4 in the battle to get the ending.

-Destroy the Whole Village (D.T.W.V) ending: This ending is a bit trickier to get, during D4's fight, focus on attacking Mirrier (the robotlike creature who accompanies D4) until it self destructs, when Mirrier is defeated escape the fight, in normal conditions D4 will taunt you for abandoning the fight and tell you to come more prepared next time, but if Mirrier did self destruct, D4 will claim it's too late to run away and will start a new fight where he will have considerably higher stats, lose to him in this state to get the ending. As a note, defeating D4 in this battle will also trigger the Alpha ending.

-Fracture ending: Keep jumping from the balcony but don't talk to D4 and return to your room to jump again, around the third time doing this you will get the ending.

Guide for version R.4F[]


Purchasable Items[]

English Name Japanese Name Item Type Cost Description
Fire Juice ファイヤージュース Consumable 100 Flames Increases max Sun Points (health) by 1.
Sun Milk サン牛乳 Consumable 500 Flames Increases max Sun Points by 5 and Moon Points (mana) by 1. It also increases Attack and Intelligency by 1.
Source of Sun 太陽の源 Consumable 1000 Flames Increases max Sun Points by 10 and Moon Points (mana) by 5. It also increases Attack by 3, Intelligence by 2, and Defense by 1.
Map of Fire village ファイヤー村の地図 Non-consumable 100 Flames It shows an approximate overview of Fire Village and its surroundings. It doesn't display Yon Goh's current location, however. Required for certain events.
Natural water 天然水 Consumable 50 Flames Recovers Sun Points by 100.
Water of Sun 太陽の水 Consumable 200 Flames Recovers Sun Points by 200 and Moon Points by 25.
Water of Moonlight 月光の水 Consumable 100 Flames Recovers 20 Moon Points.
Nameless Herb 名無し草 Consumable 180 Flames Recovers 80 Moon points. This item was added in version R.4F.
Mineral water ミネラルウォーター Effect 200 Flames
Elixir of Revival 息還りの秘薬 Consumable 5000 Flames Revives one person. This item was added on version R.4F.

Vending Machine Items[]

  • Natural Water (Consume)- (50 Flames) Heals 100 'Sun points'.
  • Water of Sun (Consume)- (200 Flames) Heals 200 'Sun points' and 25 'Moon points'.
  • Water of Moonlight (Consume)- (100 Flames) Heals 20 'Moon points'.
  • Fire Juice (Consume)- (100 Flames) Increases 1 max 'Sun Point'.
  • Sun Milk (Consume)- (500 Flames) Increases 5 max 'Sun points',1 'Moon point', 1 Attack, and 1 Intelligence.

(Note: Fire Juice and Sun Milk are not sold in certain vending machines.)

Misc. Items[]

Common items[]

English Name Japanese Name Description
Instruction Manual 説明書 Provides instructions on how to play the game.
Drum Instructions ドラム説明書 It's a drum effect guide.
Fragments of F Fのかけら Grants Yon Goh the powerful F4 (Factory Final Fire Flash) skill, if four of these and all effects excluding the Japanese Mask have been obtained.
Jet-N ジェットN Disabled effect for Jet.
Battery-J バッテリーJ You can upgrade Jet-N to Jet effect using the battery. (Note: Jet-N doesn't count as an effect, so you must upgrade it in order to progress.)
Battery-D バッテリーD You can turn on 'Digital mode' for one minute. Recommended to buy at least 5~6.
Fragments of brick レンガの破片 It sells for 50 Flames.
Food wastes 生ゴミ It sells for 50 Flames.
Paper with coins and letters コインと書かれた紙 - (a.k.a. Paper which is written letters and coins) It sells for 200 Flames; recommended for selling.
Train ticket 切符 Grants access to the train station. Essential for getting the Digital effect. It costs 100 Flames.
Grace of Flame 火焔の守り Equipment for Yon Goh. Increases all stats by 200, and decreases MP consumption by half.
Grace of Shadow Mountain 影山の守り Equipment for Kagerou. It increases Attack by 150, Intelligence by 100, Defense by 150, and Agility by 100. It also decreases MP consumption by half and enhances evasion from melee attacks.

After viewing the Normal Ending[]

  • Flame Sword(火焔刀) (Equipment) - Increases 50 Attack, 50 Intelligence, 30 Agility. It also has better chance(20%) of 'Critical hit'. But it decreases accuracy (-10%). This equipment alters attack animations.
  • D4's message(D4のメッセージ) - D4/Dark Yon Goh's message. A required item to view True End.
  • Driver(ドライバー)- This item can unlock safe. You have to earn this item to get D4's message.Second Floor Key are needed to get driver.
  • Second Floor Key(2Fのカギ)- It's needed for opening safe located in D4's room.
  • Hidden Switch (etc.) -  There are five in total. These switches must be activated to get hidden effect. Some of switches are invisible and inaccessible unless you watch 'Nomal Ending'.

After viewing 'OMEN END'[]

  • Rare Amulet(稀有符)- It's necessary to meet the dark secret of Rare Dream. (Final boss)
  • Metal Plate(鐵プレート)
  • Mask Hand(マスクハンド) (Equipment) - Default weapon for Lord of Mask. Increases 50 Attack and has 20% chance for critical hit.
  • Mask Token(御面証) (Equipment) - Default wearables for Lord of Mask. It Increases 150 Attack, 100 Intelligence, 150 Defence, and 100 Agility. It decreases 50% MP consumption as well.

Unused items[]

(Usage of some items is unknown. Some presumptions were made regarding the content.)

  • Old sword(古びた刀): Disabled item for Flame sword.
  • Music Player-N(音楽プレイヤーN): Disabled item for Music Player.
  • Memory Card(メモリーカード): It makes Music Player-N to Music Player.
  • Gameboy-N(ゲームボーイN): Disabled item for Gameboy.
  • AA Battery G(単三電池G): It makes Gameboy-N to Gameboy.
  • What is Digital mode?(デジタルモードとは?): Instructions for Digital effect.
  • Jet(Level-2)
  • Jet(Level-3)
  • Jet(Level-4): It's almost the same effect as Jet effect in R.4F Version.
  • Jet(Level-Z): Hold Shift key to boost for few seconds. (x3 than usual) Severe lag might occur.
  • Dragon whip(ドラゴンウィップ) (Equipment)
  • Dragon spear(ドラゴンスピア) (Equipment)
  • Black Box(ブラックボックス)
  • Black Fragments(黒い破片)
  • Kagerou Conversion(影朗切り替え) (Equipment) : It increases 63 Attack. Weapon accuracy is 90%.
  • Quits the game(ゲームをやめる): It's used to exit one of old mini games which is inaccessible as of R.4F, Wandering Dream(さまよい日記).
  • Escape(脱出): Wakes up a protagonist starred in Wandering Dream
  • Switch-Black(スイッチ 黒): It makes screen darker.
  • Switch-White(スイッチ 白): It makes screen brighter.
  • Usual clothes (Equipment): It increases 5 Defence. This is default item for old version of Witoru.
  • Usual hat (Eqiupment): It increases 5 Attack. This is default item for old version of Witoru.
  • Mind Up(マインドアップ) (Consume): It increases 3 Intelligence points.
  • Speed Up(スピードアップ) (Consume): It increases 3 Agility points.
  • Book of Witoru(うぃとるの書)
  • Digital instructions(デジタル説明書): Another instruction manual for Digital effect.


An Ore (鉱石) is a rock that contains minerals. Not to be confused with the Ore (俺)Japanese pronoun for I.

You must obtain these items to view the True Ending, and turn on 'Digital mode' to access some ore-exist areas.

English Name Japanese Name Description
Icerge Ore アイサージュ鉱石 It bears Ice power.
Inofers Ore イノフェルス鉱石 It bears Flame power.
Nuclear Ore ニュークリア鉱石 It bears Nuclear power.
Squieno Ore スクウィーノ鉱石 It bears Water power.
Monocrite Ore モノクライト鉱石 It bears Normal power.
Gravidirt Ore グラビダート鉱石 It bears Land (Ground) power.
Digitalian Ore デジタリアン鉱石 It bears Lightning (Electricity) power.
Ocululapis Ore オクルラピス鉱石 It bears Curse power.

Basic stats[]

Protagonist and his companions[]

Character Base level Sun points (Health) Moon points (Mana) Attack Defense Intelligence Agility
Yon Goh 25 263 64 70 75 74 85
Kagerou 25 226 61 80 96 88 77
Lord of Mask 30 475 372 124 152 132 180


Boss names are highlighted.

'Normal Ending' , 'OMEN END'[]

Character HP MP Attack Defense Intelligence Agility
D4 (Dark Yon Goh) 2000 10 128 40 90 200
Lord of Mask 3000 0 150 90 100 500
Miranokabe 3000 0 256 100 58 65
Electric Jellyfish (X3) 800 0 128 15 35 40
Right wing 500 0 1 20 1 1
Left wing 500 0 1 20 1 1
Right hand 500 0 150 20 100 150
Left hand 500 0 150 20 101 150

*Each wings have healing skill.

Bad End, True ending[]

Character HP MP Attack Defense Intelligence Agility
Witoru 99999 9999 999 999 999 999
Witoru (Phase 1) 10000 0 256 64 182 182
Witoru (Phase 2) 10000 0 256 64 182 182
Witoru (Final Phase) 10000 0 128 32 182 182

Computer Files[]

0.4D++ version[]

Witoru Normal Window.png

Main window / Desktop[]

  • (1) Trash Can: It's empty!
  • (2) Window Mode: You can select windows that change UI. There are three types of windows.
    • Normal window
    • Sound effect window (Under construction)
    • BGM window
  • (3) PC shop: You can buy some items. Item lists are same as listed under 'Buyable Items' section.
  • (4,5) Yellow folders
  • (6) Save file: You can save the game.
  • (7) 2010.11.16.txt: Developer's message.
  • (8) Data.dat: This file cannot be opened.
  • (9) Crosswalk.FTVideo: This video file cannot be played.
  • (10) Construction zone is.aru (exist): This file cannot be opened.
  • (11) Unknown file: Under maintenance.
  • (12) Silver folder
  • (13) Read.txt: You don't have to read it.
  • (14) Shut down button: It shuts down PC.
  • (15) Electronic calculator (addition).exe: Variable + Variable
  • (16) Electronic calculator (subtraction).exe: Variable - Variable
  • (17) Northern Hyperspace.wav
    • Listen
    • Details: It's a Northern Hyperspace BGM of Fire Village area.
    • Don't listen
  • (18) Western Bottom River.wav
    • Listen
    • Details: It's a Western Bottom River BGM of Thousand River area. How to read Bottom River is Bottomless river.
    • Don't listen
  • (19) Ending.FTVideo: You want to play it?
    • Play
    • Play only BGM
    • Don't listen
  • (20) Squid-Octopus sea BGM.wav
    • Listen
    • Don't listen

BGM Window[]

Witoru BGM Window.png
  • (1) Trash can: It's empty!
  • (2) Window mode: It's the same function as Normal windows.
  • (3) Title screen
  • (4) Construction area
  • (5) Octopus yari
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
  • (6) Octopus yari (Morse style)
    • 1
    • 2
  • (7) Scarlet, red, red world
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
  • (8) Block meteoric storm
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
  • (9) One sound loop
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
  • (10) 'Japanese style series?' BGM
    • 1
    • 2: 'There aren't Japanese style'
    • 3
  • (11) Ruins series!
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
  • (12) Stop: All BGMs stop.
  • (13) Fire Village
  • (14) Shut down button

R.4F verison[]

Witoru computer screen R.4F.png
  • (1) Trash can: It's empty!
  • (2) Construction zone is.aru (exist): This file cannot be opened.
  • (3) PC shop: You can buy some items. Item lists are the same as listed under 'Buyable Items' section.
  • (4) 'Setting up option' Tool (Version 0.07)
    • Walking sound of flying-type effect: It enables walking sound while you use flying-type effects (e.g. Octopus, Jet, Squid)
      • True
      • False
  • (5) Save: You can save the game.
  • (6) 2010.11.16.txt: Developer's message.
  • (7) Readme.txt: Developer's another message.
  • (8) Shut down button: It shuts down PC.
  • (9) Counter Stop Electronic calculator 'FACE' (Version beta 1.0.2)
    • Use it
      • Addition: Variable+Variable
      • Subtraction: Variable-Variable
      • Multiplication: Variable x Variable
      • Face: Variable ^0^ Variable (It always outputs '999999', no matter what.)
    • Don't use it
  • (10) Northern Hyperspace.wav
    • Listen
    • Details: It's a Northern Hyperspace BGM of Fire Village area.
    • Don't listen
  • (11) Western Bottom River.wav
    • Listen
    • Details: It's a Western Bottom river of Thousand River area BGM. How to read Bottom River is Bottomless river.
    • Don't listen
  • (12) Squid-Octopus sea BGM.wav
    • Listen
    • Don't Listen
  • (13) Ending.FTVideo: You want to play it?
    • Play
    • Play only BGM
    • Don't play
  • Hidden: Inaccessible.

Ending Guides[]

Nomal Ending Route[]

Effect guide[]


Witoru Neta dream-Effect guide (Nomal Ending part)

Fragments of F guide[]


Witoru Neta dream-Fragments of F guide (Nomal Ending part)

Nomal Ending guide[]


Witoru Neta dream- Nomal Ending guide

OMEN END Route[]

Japanese Mask effect guide[]


Witoru Neta dream-Effect guide (OMEN END Part)

OMEN END guide[]


Witoru Neta dream-OMEN END guide

True Ending Route[]

Bad end[]


Witoru Neta dream-True End Route (BAD END)

True Ending[]


Witoru Neta dream- True End Guide