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Witoru (うぃとる) Neta Dream
Witoru / Neta Dream ver.α5+ Title Screen
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α5+ (2019/08/04)


Atteiu (あっていう)




RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

June 13, 2010


YonGohRemake1 Yon Goh/No. 4 (4号)

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Witoru / Neta Dream (うぃとる) is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Atteiu, aka. D.S.Sorcerer (亡霊魔導師), around 2009~2010. It stars Yon Goh and seems to be a parody of other Yume Nikki Fangames. It is one of the the first fangames to have a male protagonist, as well as one of the first to feature dialogue.


Witoru is slightly different than most fangames but it still heavily focuses on exploration and collecting Effects, as well as containing puzzles and battles. In addition, there is an option to buy items, with some being consumables that increase stats and others which are essential for progressing the game.

In version 0.4D(++), pressing the SHIFT key brings up a menu where you can save where you are in the dream world, go to the debug room, or view some more text. There are some areas which cannot be reached due to them being marked as "Under Construction". As of version R.4F, there are multiple endings, with some areas become accessible after achieving certain endings. There are many unfinished/inaccessible areas, although BGMs and chipsets for them exist in the games files.

The game was completely revamped in Version α5+, with many graphical updates and other improvements. Along with the minigame Two Step Legend from previous versions, there is a new one titled NIFU.

Arts (Effects)Edit

Effect Image Description
Yon Goh wears a jetpack, which increases his speed.
Yon Goh carries a sword in a sheath. Pressing SHIFT makes him swing the sword and put it back. This Art allows him to kill NPCs.
Yon Goh becomes a drum. Pressing SHIFT makes him play a sound, which is different depending on the direction he faces.
Yon Goh becomes digitized. Pressing SHIFT tints the screen green, resembling a radar. This Art allows him to reveal hidden clues in a few particular areas.
Yon Goh has an invisible body and purple clothes. Pressing SHIFT makes him go completely invisible.
Yon Goh becomes made of light and he can light up dark areas. Pressing SHIFT changes color.
Tatami shield
Yon Goh carries a Tatami mat for a shield. Unlike previous versions, he actually can knock chasers back a bit when they run into it.
Yon Goh becomes pure black-and-white. Pressing SHIFT in certain areas inverts the colors (and his own colors) and also stops NPC movement.
Yon Goh becomes a shadowy figure. Pressing SHIFT casts his shadow into the ground and makes him move slower.
N/A This Art does not change Yon Goh's appearance. Once it is selected in the menu, pressing X "executes a command" and returns Yon Goh to the nexus. SHIFT cancels this action while the window is shown.
Effects Image Description
Normal (Nomal)
Yon Goh without any Effects equipped. It disables any Effect Yon Goh previously equipped.
Mineral Water
Yon Goh's skin color becomes light blue and wears aqua/cyan-colored clothes. He becomes semi transparent as well. This Effect is purely cosmetic.
Yon Goh becomes a drum. Press Shift to make various sounds, depending on what your current direction is. (Up:Base drum, Down:Snare drum, Right:Hi-hat, Left: Cymbals) You can acquire various drum sounds items to change their sound.

There are four different drum sounds as of R.4F.

  • Fami (Famicom (NES))
  • Retro
  • Normal (Default)
  • Atteiu (a.k.a. Atteiu Original)

You have to buy those sounds in a Fire Village store near the subway.

There are some unused drum sounds in this game.

  • Synthesizer
  • ???
  • Origin 2
  • Origin 3
Pure White

All of Yon Goh's body and clothes become pale white. Press Shift key to turn on "Pure White mode" for two seconds. In this mode, you can pass through some specific walls, stop some of the chasers and disable map-looping traps. It can be used to open certain walls. You can enable Pure White mode with Digital mode simultaneously.

Jet-N (Disabled) / Jet (Upgraded)

Yon Goh wears a grey jetpack that increases his speed. You can upgrade Jet-N to Jet using one battery-J. Press Shift key to boost slightly (about one block). In 0.4D++ version, this Effect has its own level: 2,3,4,Z. Jet-N doesn't count as an Effect, so you have to upgrade it.

Yon Goh wields a Katana. You can use it kill some NPCs and break certain walls.
Atteiu Fox
Yon Goh becomes a minimalistic black and white fox that increases his speed.
Yon Goh is drawn in a green and black digital style. Press Shift to turn on "Digital mode" allowing you to detect hidden entrances and messages for one minute. You have to buy battery-D to use Digital mode. You can switch different Effects while you use the mode. Digital mode and Pure White mode can be used at the same time.

(Note: This Effect is essential when you get Petrification Effect and various hidden items in R.4F version.)

Luminescence Function
Yon Goh becomes illuminated with a glowing neon-like aura. This Effect can light up dark places. Press Shift to toggle Yon Goh's colors.
Side Walk (Movement Bug)
Yon Goh's walking directions become scrambled.
Yon Goh becomes a floating white squid. His speed increases to the level of similar looking squid NPCs. You can unlock an area with this Effect.
Yon Goh becomes a red octopus. His speed increases to the level of similar looking octopus NPCs.

In 0.4D version, this Effect must be equipped when going to get the Petrification Effect.

Disappearance (v0.4D++) / Vanish (vR.4F)
Yon Goh wears light blue clothes. As of version 0.4D, pressing Shift turns him into a transparent blue outline of himself. As of version R.4F, pressing Shift makes him invisible. Chasers can't recognize you while the Effect is in use, but you can still get caught by accident.
Yon Goh becomes his old sprite in earlier versions of Witoru/Neta Dream, and his walking sound mutes.
Gameboy-N(Disabled) / Gameboy
Yon Goh becomes the restricted colors of a Gameboy - grey and white or green and yellow. Press Shift key to toggle his colors. It can be used to open certain walls, but you need to match Effect's color with walls to open.
Escape Device N/A Yon Goh returns to the Nexus. This Effect doesn't change Yon Goh's appearance and does not disable any other Effects in use.
Music Player-N(Disabled) / Music Player
Yon Goh holds his light blue music player. Press Shift to listen to some randomly chosen sounds.
Tatami Shield
Yon Goh holds a tatami mat as a shield, though it can't protect him from enemies.
Petrification (Petrifaction)
Yon Goh is petrified like a "statue". His movement becomes significantly slower than at his normal state.

In version 0.4D, the Octopus Effect is needed to acquire this effect. In version R.4F, you have to turn on Digital mode to get this effect.

Sand Storm
Yon Goh is in a white noise state similar to that of an old TV. Press Shift to make white noise appear on the screen. Press Shift again to make it disappear.
Yon Goh becomes frozen. He moves slower than normal, but slightly faster than the Petrification Effect. You have to turn on Digital mode to get this Effect.
Smoke Pollution
Yon Goh becomes monochrome and has an abstract, distorted form.
Japanese Mask / OHMAN! (OMEN)
Yon Goh wears a Japanese Mask. Press Shift to toggle mask types. You have to fulfill some conditions to get this Effect. Some masks have their own functions like boosting his speed.

Unused / Old EffectsEdit

Note that all of the unused Effect don't have their own script.

Effects Image Description
Hand Drill
Witoru Unused Effect01
Witoru Unused Effect02
Yon Goh's hand becomes a drill.
Atteiu Fox
(Eyes Closed)
Witoru Unused Effect03
The Atteiu Fox Effect, only with closed eyes.
2014-06-14 18;15;28

Old and unused effects.

Gameplay Images (Version α5+)Edit

Gameplay Video (Version 0.77)Edit

Yume Nikki Fangames- ういとる(Neta Dream)

Yume Nikki Fangames- ういとる(Neta Dream)

Gameplay Video of Witoru/Neta Dream (Version 0.77)

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Version Date Announcement Download Note

August 4, 2019

Website Google Drive
R.4F ? ? Axfc


The patch is needed to progress further in a specific location.


Version Date Announcement Download Note
α5+ May 31, 2020 Twitter English (Revision_B) Uses RPG Maker 2003 instead of 2000. Translated by Wavyup.

December 29, 2018

Twitter English (Revision_D7) Uses RPG Maker 2003 instead of 2000. Translated by Wavyup.

January 24, 2016

Twitter Korean (2.1) Uses RPG Maker 2003 instead of 2000. Translated by Wavyup.

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Witoru Prototype

In earlier development, this game's name was 'つぃとる'.

'R.4F' means 'Return.79', so the actual version of this game is 0.79. '0.4D' means '0.77', as well. (16X4+F(15)=79,16X4+D(13)=77)

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