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  • HimeNikki

    Since the Yume Nikki fandom had become unexpectedly large throughout the years, there are bound to be certain (mostly) unintentional similarities. Thus I decided to dedicate this blog to anything alike you can think of in different Yume Nikki derived works.

    Here are the main topics I'm going to cover:

    1. Characters
    2. Effects
    3. Locations
    4. NPC (Other Characters)
    5. Music

    • This blog does not apply to: Intentional references of other games (ex. The Dressing Room in Yume 2kki, the Paintings Gallery in Me, The Doormats in Hallucigenia) OR when a producer of one game "borrowed" or intentionally took artwork/media from another work to include it in his.
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  • HimeNikki

    Game Translations

    November 28, 2013 by HimeNikki

    For any original game creator: I am sorry for not noticing you before posting a translation of your game. I do not claim any rights for creating any game I translated!

    Since I have motivation and know some Japanese (I can read Hiragana and Katakana without a chart, I also can read some of the Kanji) I started translating (and complete the translation of) some of the Japanese only fangames to English.

    In addition, I am planning to translate some of the fangames to Russian, and translate Dreams of Dead to English.

    So far I have translated several games to English. More translations are coming up soon. For more info, you can view my profile page.

    If you are interested in beta-testing my translations, please reply to this post or write on my wall. I wi…

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