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  • I live in My room
  • I was born on November 9
  • My occupation is My chair
  • I am Male

O hai. I'm Nexus0.10 aka Nex. (Wish I picked a more original name...)

My YouTube! I make Yume Nikki Fangame playthroughs.

I made Mizu (I do not recommend playing it, may take it down too because it reveals my face, albeit censored) and am currently working on a fangame called Journal Nikki.

My devblog is here:

You can go ahead and follow me on twitter if you want, too.

Favorite Fangames (in no particular order) Edit

The Other Line, E Nikki, Mong Jung Mong, Somnium, Re:in, Strange Memo, Kudaranu Mousou No, Witoru Neta Dream, Idtipsa, Parade, Yume 2kki

Fangames I've played through on YouTube Edit

-1 ver0.025

.B.P. ver0.01a

.ExE ver0.06

Acatalepsy ver0.00

Agony ver0.01C3

Album ver0.00

Alive Arrow ver0.32

Anata no Yume (AKA Yume no Tsuzuki)

Answered Prayers ver0.03

August 31 ver-1.0 bug fix3


Broken Bottles ver0.03

Bunte Marchentraume

CandyRain ver4


Closure (Demo)


dayDream ver0.01

De I Cide versions TREY and CATER (English translation by HimeNikki)

DreaMarbleng Style:0.012bit

Dream Book ver0.00

Dream Journey ver0.00

Dream Sequences ver0.05

Dreams of Dead ver0.50

Dreamscaper ver0.03

E Nikki ver0.15a

Eret Link

FOG ver0.0.41R


Food Diary

Friendly ver0.01

Genseki Wakusei ver0.00/0.01

Genso Nikki ver1.0.0 beta

Glemsomhet ver0.00

Halcyon ver0.0

Hallucigenia versions 0.004 and 0.008

Hide&Seek ver0.003

Hope ver0.02

Idtipsa ver0.00

If ver0.40f

Inspiration ver0.04

Iter Itineris ver0.03.2.2

Kaeri Yume ver0.00

Kage, Souzou, In ver0.08

Kind Heart ver0.03


Kudaranu Mousou No versions 0.02 and 0.04e

Kyoku Yume ver0.01

Limbo (Demo)

Madoro-Mu ver0.06

Matsurikki verPart3

Me versions 0.10+ and 0.05

Mementos (Jam Version)

Mesonoxian ver0.01

Mimi ver0.0000002

Miskatonic Diaries

Miso Nikki ver0.06

Mong Jung Mong ver1.4.2 (English Translation Revision_A by Wavyup)


Moon Cradle ver0.01

Musuu ver0.015 (bugfix edition)

Muyuu ver0.05a

NO OUTLET ver0.00

Nigella ver0.01

NostAlgic versions 0.01, 0.03, 0.04+, 0.05++, 0.06, and 0.07

Obox ver0.00

Older ver0.031

One-WAY ver0.03

Onohi ver0.0

Outotsu Yume ver0.01a

P.S.Rose ver0.03

Parade ver0.07

Permafrost ver0.00

Phobia ver0.00

Puchi Nikki

Re Rive (Rinnemu) ver0.01

Re:in ver0.00

Remedy verAlpha 3



S//D ver0.032

Saigo no Uta ver La Fine

Sick Mind ver0.015

Sity ver0.05++

Someday ver0.10

Somnium verGamma 2

Soul Song ver0.01

Strange Fancy/Memo versions 0,3, 0.4, and 0.5R

Tec ver2.0a

The Other Line ver0.08

the Red Sea ver0.01

UBOK. ver0.021

Unknown Exist ver0.00a

Untitled One

Uotamuosu ver0.01 (Remake edition)


Withers ver0.01b

Witoru Neta Dream verR.4F (English Translation Revision_C by WavyUp)

YOAKE from Yume 3kki ver1.25

Yume 2kki versions 0.035, 0.035b, and 0.036

Yume Aruki ver0.00

Yume Fumi versions 1, 2, and 6

Yume Iro ver1.00

Yume Nichiroku ver0.02

Yume Nikki: Solitude ver0.0.X

Yume Noroi ver0.00

Yume Nyaki ver1

Yume Wo. versions 0.03 and 0.08

Yume no Mata Yume ver0.00

Yume, Shosen Mousou verRemake?

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