aka Ichitsuki

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  • I live in My room
  • I was born on November 9
  • My occupation is My chair
  • I am Male

O hai. I'm Nexus0.10 aka Nex. (Wish I picked a more original name...)

My YouTube! I make Yume Nikki Fangame playthroughs.

If you wish to see my progress on my project to play all fangames, go here!

I made Mizu (I do not recommend playing it, may take it down too because it reveals my face, albeit censored) and am currently working on a fangame called Journal Nikki.

My devblog is here:

You can go ahead and follow me on twitter if you want, too.

If you see like, a rude comment I made several years ago I'm just letting you know I'm not that type of person anymore. I got the help I needed. I'm just too scared to face my older self's actions and I'm sorry to those affected.

Favorite Fangames (in no particular order) Edit

The Other Line, E Nikki, Mong Jung Mong, Somnium, Re:in, Strange Memo, Kudaranu Mousou No, Witoru Neta Dream, Idtipsa, Parade, Yume 2kki

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