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Title Screen
Latest Version

Demo v1.1 (2021/07/02)






RPG Maker 2003

Release Date

June 26, 2020


Mina Mori Mina Mori

Nexus Doors



10 (+ 10 collectibles)




Unduhagge is an English Yume Nikki fangame created by Reprobus. It was made in RPG Maker 2003 for Dream Diary Jam 4.


Unduhagge is a traditional fangame. The player can enter the dream world by putting on a music track on the laptop and falling asleep on the sofa. The goal is to explore and collect effects. The player can save at any point from the menu.

Along with effects, the player can find music tracks (ten in total) hidden in the dream world. These music tracks can be listened to on the laptop in the apartment. Certain areas in the dream world will open up or change depending on what music track is being played when the player goes to sleep.


  • Move - Arrow Keys
  • Interact/Select - Z/Space
  • Open Menu/Cancel - X/Esc
  • Effect Action - 1
  • Wake Up - 9


You play as Mina Mori, who has isolated herself in her apartment following the death of her fiancee Aurelius. Left with just his poetry and her old laptop, Mina finds her dreams have begun to not only change but be dominated by the strange phrases in her fiancee's poems.


Effect Image Description
Camcorder UnduhaggeCamcorderEff.png Mina's head is replaced with a camcorder.
Hollow UnduhaggeHollowEff.png Mina becomes monochrome.
Eschergon UnduhaggeEschergonEff.pngUnduhaggeEschergonEff2.png Mina becomes a bunch of blocky shapes. Pressing 1 flips her upside down, revealing hidden objects.
Knife UnduhaggeKnifeEff.png Mina holds a knife.
Umbrella UnduhaggeUmbrellaEff.png Mina holds an umbrella, causing rain to start falling.
Skull UnduhaggeSkullEff.png Mina's head becomes a skull. Pressing 1 makes the skull spin around.
Hoverboard UnduhaggeHoverboardEff.png Mina rides on a hoverboard, increasing her speed.

Gameplay Images (Demo 1.1)[]


Version Date Announcement Download
Demo v1.1

July 2, 2020

// Itch.io
Demo v1.0

June 26, 2020

// Deleted
Dream Diary Jam 4

A month long celebration of Yume Nikki's 16th anniversary (2020). Site

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