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Ultra Violet
Ultra Violet's Title Screen
Latest Version

0.055 (2019/10/06)






RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

February 15, 2012


SometsukiSprite Sometsuki (そめつき)

Nexus Doors







Ultra Violet is a Japanese Yume Nikki fangame produced by heat_thinker (gozo-ropp) in RPG Maker 2000.

Ultra Violet stays on the lighter side of the spectrum in terms of atmosphere - one of the primary visual motifs being rabbits, for example -- with the exception of a handful of violent or suspenseful areas.


Ultra Violet follows the traditional style of the genre, consisting of exploration and effect-hunting, vending machines (and buyable effects/features), but in addition plays up the collectibility of selectable menu skins, an aspect only briefly touched upon by other games.


  1. Violet - Default menu.
  2. Silver - Another starting menu on the computer.
  3. Monochrome - Another starting menu from the computer.
  4. Orange - A checkered orange menu with white font.
  5. Cookie - A pattern composed of cookies on a violet background.
  6. Hexe - (Hexe means "witch" in German) An arabesque menu in tan.
  7. Hexe Violett - An arabesque menu in lavender.
  8. Old black - A black base menu with white font. The menu which is used in Famicom world.
  9. Old blue - A blue base menu with white font.
  10. Violet II - A checkered violet menu, another starting menu on the computer.
  11. Green - A checkered green menu with white font.

The player saves via the computer with a movable cursor, similar to those in The Looking Glass and Me. Additionally, from here the player can select a new menu skin and play a mini-game. Like Yume Nikki, in the dream world, sitting on the rolling chair and pressing the interact key while sitting facing the computer will allow you to move about in the chair. The chair reduces your speed to half instead of quarter in Yume Nikki, but you are unable to use effects until you leave from the chair in front of the desk.


  • Move - Arrow Keys
  • Interact - Z/Enter/Space
  • Open Menu - X/Esc
  • Effect Action - Shift


Ultra Violet revolves around a young girl known as Sometsuki (そめつき) who explores her dreams while sleeping; she also appears to be a sleep-walker according to the writing "Sleep-Walker" (夢遊病) next to her name. Like many other protagonists, attempting to leave her room just results of a quick shake of the head and some sounds.

Not much else is known about the games plot. It's possible there is something Sometsuki wants to escape from, or doesn't want to face (similar to Lcd Dem's plot). However, as of version 0.05, no endings have been implemented yet, and a lot more events will most likely be in later versions of the game.


Name Image Description
Sometsuki grows white rabbit ears and a tail.
Pressing Shift turns Sometsuki into a small albino rabbit that increases her speed. Most NPCs will follow you around or get excited when this effect is equipped.
Nail Hammer
Sometsuki carries a hammer as a weapon. Unlike most fangames, in order to actually use the weapon you will need to press Shift so Sometsuki switches to her "attack" pose. Most NPC's will try to avoid you when this effect is in attack pose.
Sometsuki becomes a walking slice of strawberry shortcake.
Pressing Shift causes her to plant herself on the ground. She cannot move till you press Shift again. Certain NPCs will follow you around when this effect is equipped.
Coat and Muffler
Sometsuki bundles up in a brown winter coat, a striped scarf and gloves. Certain NPCs will follow you around when this effect is equipped.
Pressing Shift changes her hairstyle so that her hair is either tucked into a scarf or vice versa.
Sometsuki wears a witch's robe and her hair in two braids.
Pressing Shift lets her ride her broomstick which increases her speed. Also used for the Witch Flight Event.
Sea Hare
Sometsuki becomes a violet sea hare (sea slug).
Pressing Shift when on land makes her release a small pink cloud and it starts to rain.
Pressing Shift when underwater just causes her to make a sound. Certain NPCs will follow you around when this effect is equipped.
Short Hair
Sometsuki's hair is cut short.
Sometsuki's head is missing. Pressing Shift toggles the bloody neck or no neck. While you can't wake up in the no neck form, trying to wake up in the bloody form makes Sometsuki pinch the remains of her neck instead.
Sometsuki's head becomes a lampost.
Pressing Shift switches the light on, and other lamposts that are off will switch on. This effect brightens dark areas when used.
Sometsuki becomes an android. Certain NPCs will follow you around when this effect is equipped.
Sometsuki becomes a walking egg, with only her face peeking though a cracked face in the middle.
Pressing Shift closes up the egg, and warps her back to the nexus.
Sometsuki dresses as a shrine maiden, which grants her passage through sealed doors.
Pressing Shift makes her wave a gohei (?) from side to side.
Sometsuki becomes a single-legged winter youkai that hops very slowly.
Pressing Shift makes it snow. Certain NPCs will follow you around when this effect is equipped.
Sometsuki wears her hair in pigtails. Certain NPCs will follow you around when this effect is equipped.
You can set the style of pigtails (low or high) through Sometsuki's PC.
Sometsuki carries a violin.
Pressing Shift makes her play a few notes.
Stained Glass
Sometsuki's body becomes faceted and multicolored like stained glass.
Pressing Shift makes the screen flash a random color, changing Sometsuki to said color and, depending on the area, may change the floor as well.

According to ver0.04 Readme file, there is currently one unreachable effect - Spider (くも). UvEff15

Pseudo EffectsEdit

  • Dream Diary (夢日記帳) - An item that can be purchased from the Supermarket for 1000 coins: allows players to save inside the dream.
  • Instructions - Shows the game instructions.

Gameplay Images (Version 0.05)Edit

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Yume Nikki fangames- Ultra Violet

Yume Nikki fangames- Ultra Violet

Gameplay Video of Ultra Violet (Version 0.01)

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Version Date Announcement Download
Ver. 0.05

September 27, 2019

Twitter getuploader

Ver.0.055 (latest patch)

Ver. 0.04

July 23, 2013

? getuploader
Bugfix (2015/3/15)


Version Languages Translators Announcement Download
  • Chinese
  • English
  • Korean

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Technical DifficultiesEdit

There is a known issue where downloading the game under the English locale will cause all of the files to be improperly named, resulting in the game being completely unplayable. To mitigate this issue, potential players must first set their locale to Japanese (not through AppLocale, but through the Windows Control Panel) and then download and run the game.

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