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The Other Line (occasionally abbreviated as TOL) is an English game by BackbeatAnthem, a user known for his Youtube documentation of a large number of Yume Nikki fangames. It involves a boy in his apartment haunted by nightmares who, by use of his phone, dials into the alternate world (the "other line").

According to the creators blog, "I’ve decided to stop the distribution version 0.08. It just seems like there were too many bugs and unfinished things. I ask for everyone to wait until the next update, at which point the game will become officially available again. Fan art, videos, live streams and all that are still allowed and more than welcomed. If you have any concerns, please ask. Thanks." (Source)

InJune 2016, BackbeatAnthem, has released version 0.09.

There are several distinctions that set The Other Line apart from the original Yume Nikki. The protagonist is a male, referred to as Nathan. Though the game is a work in progress, the author intends to include a plot, something new to the Yume Nikki genre of open sandbox exploration.


The maps in The Other Line are quite coherent. It provides a stark contrast to other fangames, suggesting that the Other World in this game is an alternate dimension or universe, rather than a mental construction of Nathan's.

Rather than totally free roaming exploration, there are more linear paths that focus on puzzles or events.

The game makes heavy use of adventure gameplay elements, such as requiring certain items or effects to trigger scenes or to get other items. There are quite a few puzzles too, such as the trivia guards and obstacles in the Temple.

  • The debug speed option has been left in the game for convenience, and Heath restoration. (May be removed in future updates)
  • There are many events that tell bits and pieces of Nathan's past (possibly), and there is an event counter too.


The Other Line uses events to tell Nathan's story and possibly his past as well. It is unknown if the phone he picks up transports him to an alternate world, or if it is his own subconsciousness and he is on the phone with a stranger/no one.

"Most of the story is told through events, which are usually small cut-scenes. They’re designed in a way that makes the game a bit more nonlinear than I’m sure most people are used to in games, but this means that you can “discover” more of the story the more you explore. This is also where the effects come into play: In order to explore, you’ll need their help.

Finding bits of the story isn’t the only focus, however. The worlds are designed in a way that the player can just sit back and relax. Some areas you may find to be more reminiscent of a painting in that there may not be a specific “purpose” for the area other than to simply enjoy the atmosphere.

The story is still undergoing many changes and tweaks, and these all affect the ending. The game’s main ending has gone through several drafts, and is likely to go through a few more.

I believe I said earlier that players could expect multiple endings. The idea of multiple endings is still something that is being considered, though I’ll make clear that this idea could easily be discarded if plot changes don’t allow for them. I wouldn't want to “force” multiple endings." (Source)



Name Image Description
Turns Nathan into the mythological bird, increasing his speed.
Gives Nathan a gray coat. Pressing the Shift key makes Nathan put up or take down his hood. It also allows Nathan to go into the deeper parts of Snowy Tree World, without equipping the Coat effect, Nathan will pass out, and you will be warped back to the cabin with the NPC.
Nathan becomes a walking jack-o-lantern. Pressing Shift will make him light up the inside of the pumpkin, illuminating dark areas.
Baseball Cap
Gives Nathan a red baseball cap. Pressing Shift warps him to an 8-bit baseball field.
Turns Nathan into a large purple balloon. It can be used to float over large gaps. However, touching any sharp object will cause him to pop, and you will need to navigate over the gap again.
Nathan wields a large, sharp scythe. Pressing Shift turns Nathan into an outfit similar to the Grim Reaper.
Makes Nathan appear to be some sort of green alien with multiple eyes and limbs. Pressing Shift warps him back to the Nexus in a flash of light.
Turns Nathan into a walking bathroom toilet. Pressing Shift drains large bodies of water.
Transforms Nathan into a hooded ghost. Pressing Shift makes all but the lantern he carries invisible, and causes the ghost Nathan to laugh mischievously.
Nathan becomes a pile of sand shaped like himself. Pressing Shift causes the sand to swirl and activate a sandstorm, stopping the sands of time until it is pressed again.
White Buffalo
Makes Nathan wear the head of a white buffalo and no shirt in what is assumed to be a Native American fashion. Equipping the effect automatically makes it snow in the area. Pressing Shift adjusts the intensity of the snowstorm.
Nathan wears a wig, red bow, and a skirt instead of pants. Pressing Shift makes him curtsy.
Tiki Mask
Gives Nathan a tiki mask, grass skirt and wooden staff. Pressing Shift will make Nathan do some sort of rain dance, and it will rain. Pressing Shift again adjusts the intensity of the rain, along with a clap of thunder.
Turns Nathan into a slow-moving, disembodied heart. Pressing Shift will make Nathan stop for a minute, and splash blood over the screen.
Nathan becomes a grey Lynx. Pressing Shift makes his yellow eyes flash, allowing him to see invisible objects.
Feather Headress
A cosmetic effect that makes Nathan wear a large, white feather headdress.
Nathan has a mohawk haircut. Pressing Shift makes him wear a motorcycle helmet.
Nathan becomes a purple vacuum cleaner. Pressing Shift attracts NPCs.
Nathan holds a guitar. He can interact with music notes and use them as checkpoints. Pressing Shift warps him to a saved checkpoint.
Nathan turns into a butterfly. As of now it is only a cosmetic effect, but there was an ability planned for it.


Name In-Game Description
Old Dog Whistle "A really old dog whistle that's seen better days."
Room 614's Key "A key to classroom 614."
Antique Key "An antique key that's coated in rust."
Snow House Key "A key that evokes bitter-sweet emotions."
Stone Tablet "A key of some sort?... Who knows."
Torn Photo "Old, dirty, and stained. Where's the other half?"


Nathan - The protagonist of the game. He is currently 17 years old, and not much is known about him until you view the events of the game. He lives in a slightly grungy apartment, and after collecting effects you find that there are other people in the building as well.

Kaliska -  A young native in the Village world with a hyperactive and friendly personality. She is the younger sister of Aiyana. When she first meets Nathan she nicknames him "Cricket" Due to the color of his hair. She drags Nathan to Lunarlight Woods to see the view in the afternoon.

Aiyana - Kaliska's older sister. She seems to have her hands full with Kaliska, and acts like a mother to her.

Laura - One of the people living in Nathan's building. She seems to be, or have been, Nathan childhood friend and even best friend due to certain events and how recourring she is in the Other World, judging by one effect's condition she no longer alive.

Fay - One of the people living in Nathan's building.

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TheOtherLine(Ver.0.07)プレイしてみた その4


Version Date Announcement Download
0.09 (Ex-Fangame) June 2016 Tumblr Mediafire

June 9, 2013

? Baidu
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