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The Looking Glass
Looking glass title screen
Title screen of ver.0.05
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ver.0.05 (2012/4/16)


Bleet (Blt)




RPG Maker 2003

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January 21, 2011


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The Looking Glass is a Yume Nikki fangame by Bleet (who also made Fleshchild, the huntress of the hollow and Jasei no In:The Serpent's Lust). It stars a girl named Irene as she explores the newly-opened world behind her mirror.

Like Me and Hell Diary, The Looking Glass features spoken dialogue and flavortext when interacting with objects and characters. The game also features light adventure elements, such as simple puzzles and increased interactivity in the normal world. Unlike most protagonists Irene is also capable of leaving her room, and begins the game in her classroom at her school.

A remake of the game was in development for some time, but was eventually cancelled by the creator.


In The Looking Glass, players follow the traditional Yume Nikki fangame exploration scheme. There are various worlds you can explore along with effects to collect and events that can occur. There are no endings in the game yet.

There is a small amount of adventure gameplay in The Looking Glass, in the form of effects required to solve minor problems or puzzles.


You play as Irene, who discovers a hidden world after falling through her mirror. The game follows her as she explores this new world after coming home from school.


Name Image Description
Crowbar GlassEff10

Irene carries a crowbar for a weapon. Pressing Z lets you kill other characters. NPCs will run away from her when this effect is equipped.

Flashlight GlassEff06 Irene holds a flashlight. Pressing SHIFT makes the flashlight illuminate darkened areas.
Roller Skates GlassEff14 Irene rides a pair of simple roller skates which speed her up.
Glowstick GlassEff12 Turns Irene into a neon glowstick. Pressing SHIFT causes her to change colors and make the screen flash in different colors. Colors order: light yellow, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, red and pink, then back to yellow.
Spectrum GlassEff13 Irene becomes colorful. Pressing Shift makes colorful dots appear on the screen for a few seconds.
White Queen GlassEff04 Turns Irene into a slow-moving chess piece. The pieces blocking the path to the airship in Chess World will move aside for her.
Octopus GlassEff03 Turns Irene into an octo-girl. Used to walk on water.
Yeti GlassEff09 Irene becomes a yeti. Snow falls while this effect is equipped.
Cybot GlassEff02 A cosmetic effect, turns Irene into a machine girl.
Long Hair GlassEff05 Gives Irene long hair, much like the Long Hair effect from Yume Nikki. Pressing SHIFT makes her sit down.
Witch GlassEff08 Turns Irene into a witch. Pressing SHIFT returns her to the Nexus.
Kinoko GlassEff01 Mushrooms grow from Irene's head. Pressing SHIFT makes Irene scratch at the mushrooms.
Alice GlassEff07 A cosmetic effect, only current way to obtain it is from the debug room.
Bicycle GlassEff11 Irene rides a bicycle. It speeds Irene up like the Roller Skates effect.

You can buy more colors for the bicycle - 100$ for each color. After getting at least one color you can toggle them with Shift. Colors order: teal (default), blue, purple, red, green, yellow, orange and pink, then it starts over from teal.


Name Image Description
Irene IreneSprite Irene is the protagonist, who up until the events of the game lived a fairly normal life. This changed when she discovered the ability to enter another world through the mirror in her room.
Ms. Mason TLGChar09 Irene's homeroom teacher, she is the first character you see in the game. She gives an impression of a strict but solicitous teacher, as she seems to show much concern for Irene's health.
Lisa TLGChar10 The school nurse, when she is away from her office, you can read the notes she has on Irene.
McKaylie TLGChar12 An outgoing tomboy who seems to get along with Irene. She is one of Irene's classmates who is not very good at science classes.
Theresa Winchester TLGChar02 One of Irene's classmates, doesn't appear to get on perfectly well with Irene. She appears to not get along with Melanie either.
Melanie TLGChar01 A rather quiet and timid girl who is one of Irene's classmates, she seems to get along okay with Irene but not so well with Theresa.
Anne TLGChar06 One of Irene's classmates, appears to be a good friend of hers and has a peppy attitude.
Vincent TLGChar07 A boy in Irene's class who seems to be concerned for her. Irene possibly has a crush on him.
Matt TLGChar05 One of Irene's classmates, who is pretty laid back.
John TLGChar03 Another classmate of hers, seems to be quite a nice guy.
Simon TLGChar04 A frank guy in Irene's class.
Faceless TLGChar08 A person from the apartment area in the mirror world who works in the bookstore. He seems to know Irene's name even though she never introduced herself nor mentioned her name in any other way to him.
Adam Sunderland TLGChar14 Aka Mr. Sunderland, a male type of Shade NPC, usually refers to Irene as "Elise". According to the landlord's computer logs, Mr. Sunderland has a fascination for the occult and a strong stomach.
Elise Bennet EliseSprite A girl from the apartment area in the mirror world who has the same surname as Irene and is very much like her in general. Mr. Sunderland even called Irene "Elise". She loves books and tends to disappear sometimes.
Shadow Girl TLGChar13 A female type of Shade NPC's which vary in names, moods and occupations. These NPC's can also be half-transparent and non interactable.
Shadow Boy TLGChar14 Aka Bike Clerk etc. A male type of Shade NPC's which vary in names, moods and occupations. These NPC's can also be half-transparent and non interactable.

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Yume Nikki fangames- The Looking Glass

Yume Nikki fangames- The Looking Glass



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