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Someday's Title Screen
Latest Version

0.10+ (2019/11/02)






RPG Maker 2003

Release Date

July 21, 2012


ItsukiSprite Itsuki

Nexus Doors



24+1 (Good End only)




Someday is an English Yume Nikki fangame made by Jojogape in RPG Maker 2003.

In this game, you play as Itsuki, a boy who is trapped in a low-budget apartment because of a typhoon. The only thing left for him to do is sleep, and dream.


Someday is a traditional-styled fangame. The goal is to explore and collect all the effects. It has a light atmosphere and has very bright, unique graphics. It is known for its many areas to explore in the large nexus.

A new feature added in version 0.03 is the Feats system. Feats can be achieved by doing certain things in Itsuki's dream world, such as getting a certain effect, or interacting with a certain number of objects. Getting them is optional, though sometimes they unlock new content. There are 32 feats to accomplish.

The most recent and final update, v0.10, added crystals that can be interacted with to present one of Itsuki's journal entries that help explain the story.


  • Move - Arrow Keys
  • Interact/Select - Z/Space/Enter
  • Open Menu/Cancel - X/Esc
  • Effect Action - 1
  • Wake Up - 9
  • Unequip Effect - 3


Itsuki is trapped inside his apartment due to a strong storm outside (looking out the window gives you a glimpse of the storm). Occasionally the power in his apartment goes out due to the storm, but dreaming and waking up again usually fixes it. More details can be found in events and the journal entries.


There are 24 effects in the game. Effects are used with the 1 key, but most effects are cosmetic.

Effect Image Description
Doodle SomeEff01 Itsuki becomes a colorful outline of himself.
8-bit SomeEff05 Itsuki becomes a low resolution version of himself.
Nerd SomeEff06 Itsuki turns into a nerd. Pressing 1 makes him adjust his glasses with a slight sparkle.
Scooter SomeEff09 Itsuki rides a scooter that doubles his speed. It doesn't work underwater.
Wrench SomeEff12 Itsuki's weapon. Can be used to break open orange boxes for money as well as kill NPCs. When equipped, some NPCs run away from Itsuki. Certain NPCs will become chasers when hit with it.
Raincoat SomeEff08 Itsuki wears a yellow raincoat. Equipping the effect also makes it rain.
TV SomeEff14 Itsuki's head turns into a TV. Pressing the 1 key switches the TV on to a mountain landscape.
Candle Holder SomeEff16 Itsuki turns into a walking candle holder with a lit candle. This effect lights up dark places.
Sick SomeEff03 Itsuki's speed decreases and he becomes more pale and sick-looking. Pressing 1 makes Itsuki sneeze, then sniff his mucus back in.
Monochrome SomeEff07 Itsuki turns into a monochrome child.
Scarf SomeEff13 Itsuki wears a warm white scarf.
Fox SomeEff15 Itsuki grows fox ears and tail. Equipping this effect allows him to jump over high ledges. Pressing 1 has him smile.
Clockworker SomeEff19 Itsuki becomes a clockworker. Pressing the 1 key warps Itsuki back to the Nexus.
Glitch SomeEff04 Itsuki's sprite becomes glitched and distorted.
Megaphone SomeEff10 Itsuki's head turns into a megaphone. Pressing the 1 key makes a sound play.
Classic SomeEff11 Itsuki becomes his sprite from Version 0.00 of Someday.
Bald SomeEff02 Itsuki loses his hair.
Diving Suit SomeEff17 Itsuki wears a diving suit. It works as a speed effect underwater.
Mercury SomeEff20 Itsuki becomes a blob of mercury. Interacting with cracks on walls makes Itsuki pour through them.
Blob SomeEff18 Itsuki becomes a colorful blob. Pressing the 1 key allows you to cycle through various colors.
Healing Aura SomeEff21 Itsuki gets a green aura. Interacting with broken doorways while standing on certain marked places fixes them. It also heals certain NPCs.
Wood SomeEff22 Itsuki becomes a wooden doll. Pressing Enter while standing on a tree sign on the ground with a wooden doll nearby swaps your and the doll's positions, allowing you to reach new places.
Tomato SomeEff23 Itsuki gets a tomato for a head.
Lab coat SomeEff24 Itsuki wears a lab coat. Pressing 1 makes his face darken, then he seems to laugh maniacally (silently).

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Yume Nikki Fangame playthrough - Someday ver0

Yume Nikki Fangame playthrough - Someday ver0.10 (part 1 of 2)



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