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One-WAY Version 0.03's Title Screen.
Latest Version

0.03 (2012/12/15)






RPG Maker 2003

Release Date

Aitsuki version: 2012(?)
Alyssa version: August 18, 2012


OneWAYProtagSprites Aitsuki, Alyssa

Nexus Doors

Old - 3
New - 8


Old - 8 (?)
New - 14 (+2 unusable)


Old - ?
New - 1 (Not fully programmed)


One-WAY is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Fg7 in RPG Maker 2003. The current version stars a girl named Alyssa, but this game's older versions had a different heroine - Aitsuki.

One-WAY was cancelled twice (it is currently cancelled), was remade once, but has plans to be remade again in the future.


The usual. Locked in room, dream, collect effects. You save by interacting with the giant notebook on your bedroom floor and sleep by interacting with then standing next to your bed. Press 9 to wake up from the dream.


Alyssa locks herself in her room for unknown reasons. Until v0.01 Alyssa's room was locked from the outside, so somebody had her locked in back then. She spends her days dreaming.


Alyssa VersionEdit

Name Image Description
Frying Pan OneWayEff16 Alyssa holds a frying pan she uses as her weapon.

Effect is bugged and thus equipping it is not recommended.

Flower OneWayEff01 Alyssa has a floppy flower waving in front of her eyes.
Skateboard OneWayEff08 Alyssa rides a skateboard, it makes her go faster.
Flame OneWayEff02 Alyssa has a red fire in her eye.
Reaper OneWayEff12 Alyssa wears a black coat and black shoes.
Okiku OneWayEff06 Alyssa has long blue hair and a blue outfit.
Long Hair OneWayEff09 Alyssa has long hair.
Firefly OneWayEff05 Alyssa is dressed like a bug; she has wings, antennae, and a tail (?).
Doll OneWayEff14 Alyssa becomes a cute doll. She is dressed in Gothic Lolita style; she wears a black and violet dress with white ruffles and a matching white headdress with ribbons. Her hair becomes wavy, light brown and very long.
Portal OneWayEff10 A Portal (game) inspired outfit. This effect returns you to the nexus.
Hospital Gown OneWayEff07 Alyssa wears a solid color gown.
Skull Dress OneWayEff03 You wear a black dress with a skull in the middle.
Panda Hat OneWayEff04 Alyssa wears a panda hat.
Idol OneWayEff11 Alyssa has blonde hair and wears a purple dress.

Effect is bugged and thus equipping it is not recommended.

Witch OneWayEff15 Alyssa wears a gold dress and holds a wand (?)
Umbrella N/A Unequippable effect.

Aitsuki VersionEdit

Name Image Description
Scarf AitsukiOneWayEff01 Aitsuki wears a red scarf.
Horns AitsukiOneWayEff07 Aitsuki grows a pair of bright green horns.
Chariot AitsukiOneWayEff04 Aitsuki looks like Chariot from Black Rock Shooter.
Uniform AitsukiOneWayEff06 Aitsuki wears the same school uniform as the NPC who gave her this effect.
Monochrome AitsukiOneWayEff02 Aitsuki's sprite becomes monochrome.
Sword AitsukiOneWayEff05 Aitsuki wields a black and white sword. It appears to be a reference to Black Rock Shooter.
Automail AitsukiOneWayEff03 Aitsuki has a prosthetic arm (?).
Armor Added in v0.3. Aitsuki wears red power armor.

Gameplay Images (Version 0.03 (Alyssa))Edit

Gameplay Video (Version 0.02 (Aitsuki))Edit

Yume Nikki fangames- ONE-Way v.0

Yume Nikki fangames- ONE-Way v.0.2

Gameplay of One-WAY

Download/External LinksEdit

Alyssa VersionEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Version 0.03

December 15, 2012

DeviantArt Mediafire
Version 0.02

October 5, 2012

DeviantArt Mediafire
Version 0.01

September 2, 2012

DeviantArt Mediafire
Version 0.00+

August 20, 2012

DeviantArt Mediafire

August 18, 2012

DeviantArt Mediafire

Aitsuki VersionEdit

Version Date Announcement Download
Version 0.01 ? ? Mediafire


Version Languages Translators Announcement Download
Ver. 0.03 (Alyssa) Korean ? ? Mediafire


Known Bugs/Glitches Edit

  1. After getting the Okiku effect, don't follow the ghost in the well, as the game will crash while doing so. A likely cause is Map0019 being missing from the game folder.
  2. If you equip the Frying Pan effect, the Shift animation will always be active and will never turn off. If you press Shift at any time, even if you have another effect equipped, the Frying Pan animation will play.
  3. The Idol effect is bugged. If you press Shift with the effect on, Alyssa will always sing and never stop.

Development VideoEdit

One-WAY- Behind the scenes

One-WAY- Behind the scenes

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