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Mugamuchuu (夢我夢中)
Version 0.006 Title Screen
Latest Version

0.006+ (2017/05/06)


Machikado no Michi (街角の道)
Haru (はる)




RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

May 6, 2012


NakiAndNiya Nakitsuki (なきつき)
Niyatsuki (にやつき)

Nexus Doors

Nakitsuki - 6
Niyatsuki - 2


Nakitsuki - 12
Niyatsuki - 2


Nakitsuki - 1
Niyatsuki - 0


Mugamuchuu (夢我夢中, ムガムチュウ, Our Crazy Dream / Our Engrossing Dream) is a Yume Nikki Fangame made by Machikado no Michi (街角の道) and Haru (はる). Mugamuchuu is traditional in nature, seemingly inspired more by Yume Nikki than by fellow fangames (If not with some resemblance to Yume Graffiti (ユメ-グラフィティ)).

A test version of Mugamuchuu v0.003 with an alternative pre-triggered ending can be found in the Movie folder in later versions of the game.


The game starts with Nakitsuki, a boy who refuses to leave his room. After collecting all 13 of Nakitsuki's effects, a second protagonist is unlocked: Niyatsuki. While Nakitsuki's room looks more traditional and casual, Niyatsuki's room is larger and appears more expensive. Like most traditional fangames, Mugamuchuu contains events, endings, chasers and recurring characters giving brief hints to a plot.


The first part of the game stars Nakitsuki, a boy refusing to leave his room, instead exploring a dream world. In his room, the desk is used to save and the bed is used to enter the dream world. The goal of the game is effect collection, Nakitsuki later gaining the ability to drop off effects in a new Nexus door. After triggering Nakitsuki's ending, the game switches to the second protagonist, Niyatsuki. Niyatsuki saves through his TV and enters the dream world through his closet.

Nakitsuki's PartEdit

Nakitsuki has an average-sized room with a bed, a desk, a modern wide screen TV, a dresser and a balcony. The debug room can be accessed through the left side of the wall with the door in Nakitsuki's dream room.

Chasers trap Nakitsuki in inescapable, yet usually large locations. Money is not earned through killing NPCs, rather from searching through recycle bins next to vending machines. Interestingly, Cards World contains 4 different custom menus.

As part of a bug, certain locations allow you to save from within the dream.

Niyatsuki's PartEdit

Niyatsuki's room is relatively big, with a large bed, a closet, a wall with a panoramic view of the city, and a widescreen TV with large speakers, resembling the setup of a home theater (possibly implying Niyatsuki is relatively wealthy for a fangame protagonist).

Niyatsuki's part has very few worlds, as it appears to be incomplete. Outside of his two usable effects, Niyatsuki has 2 effects left unimplemented in the game.



Name Image Description
Golf Club
MugaEff13 Nakitsuki wields a golf club as a weapon, allowing him to kill NPCs (who avoid him when the effect is equipped). Pressing Shift makes him swing the club.
Vivid Colors
MugaEff02 Nakitsuki's colors become chaotic and change as he walks, resembling a glitched sprite. Pressing Shift makes the screen flash.
MugaEff03 Nakitsuki holds a flashlight, lighting up dark locations. Pressing Shift makes Nakitsuki lift it towards his face, turning it on or off.
MugaEff01 Nakitsuki's head appears to be missing, the rest of his body covered with an upside-down bucket. His feet can be barely seen underneath it. Pressing Shift makes Nakitsuki cover his feet with the bucket as well, decreasing his speed.
Red and White
MugaEff12 Nakitsuki wears a religious Japanese red and white outfit, holding an Ōnusa. Pressing Shift makes him wave it, causing rain. Pressing Shift after this modifies the amount of rain falling, the rain disappearing after unequipping the effect.
MugaEff04 Nakitsuki rides a rocket, increasing his speed. When moving, the speed of the rocket messes up his hair and changes his facial expression.
MugaEff06 Nakitsuki wears his hair in a long side ponytail tied with a pink scrunchie.
MugaEff05 Nakitsuki's face is covered with bandages. Pressing Shift makes him open the bandages, revealing a large red eye on his face and returning him to the Nexus.
MugaEff07 Nakitsuki wears earmuffs and a winter coat, putting his hands in his pockets for warmth. This effect causes snow to fall.
MugaEff09 Nakitsuki's hair and shirt become orange, and he gains brown beaver ears, a tail and paws. Pressing Shift causes him to "swim" in the air like a beaver, decreasing his speed but allowing him to enter certain locations.
MugaEff10 Nakitsuki wears a Victorian-era prince costume. Pressing Shift causes him to unsheathe a dagger, swing it and point it towards the sky.
MugaEff11 Nakitsuki wears a sailor uniform with a beret.
MugaEff14 Nakitsuki carries a viola.


Name Image Description
Metal Bat
Niya-2 Niyatsuki wields a metal bat as a weapon, allowing him to kill NPCs (who avoid him while the effect is equipped.)
Flying Squirrel
Niya-3 Niyatsuki wears a blue flying squirrel costume, increasing his speed.


Name Image Description
The first playable protagonist, and the main character of the game.
The second playable character, an unlockable protagonist.
Also known as Laughing Demon (鬼笑, Oniwarai), Kie is a grey-haired demon with heterochromia dressed in traditional Japanese clothes. It appears at several places in your dream, triggering certain events. They react to no effects and cannot be killed. After Nakitsuki has been caught by them in the dream at least once, Kie can appear in Nakitsuki's dream room at random.
Mad Kie
Mad "chaser" versions of Kie that send the protagonist to a sectioned-off area.
A Miko (Shrine Maiden) with red eyes and long dark hair. She is found at the shrine, sometimes sweeping the floor.
The character who gives Nakitsuki the Snowsuit effect. They wear the same green coat, but they are taller than Nakitsuki, have brown hair and purple eyes. Like Itsumi's event, Boukangu can be occasionally found sleeping.
A mermaid with long blue hair found in Underwater World.
A boy Nakitsuki encounters on a rooftop in the dream world.
Half-fish Doctor
A doctor (presumably a marine biologist) who crossed himself with a fish, located in a submarine resembling Seccom Masada's spaceship.
A red-haired character dressed in green, found sitting on a bench in Pink Trees World.
Four priests based upon the suits of a deck of cards (red being hearts, blue being spades, green being clubs and yellow being diamonds), each giving a different menu skin. The four are involved in the collection of an effect.
A person of uncertain gender with short violet hair and a transparent umbrella, seemingly in love with the protagonist.
A boy with pitch black hair, a deep blue hoodie and black pants. His in-game status calls him "Fully Recovered", hinting towards a previous illness. He and Yatsuki are said to be brothers.

This character is not involved in the dream sequences. Presumably he is a part of a hidden event/ending.

A boy with dark green hair, a black vest, a shirt and bluish, almost aqua pants. He and Natsuki are said to be brothers.

This character is not involved in the dream sequences. Presumably he is a part of a hidden event/ending.



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May 6, 2017


May 31, 2014

(includes April Fools version in Movie folder)


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Known Issues/BugsEdit

  1. Certain spots in either protagonists' dream worlds can cause the game to simply freeze, with no means to exit the game outside of closing the program or pressing F12 to return to the title screen. These locations include Nakitsuki's Pink Trees World when sitting on the bench with Taigun and Niyatsuki's stereo in his dream room.
  2. At certain locations the empty text block in the menu can be selected to save the game while in the dream world.
  3. After collecting all effects, waking up, saving, and sleeping again, Niyatsuki's effects become unusable.

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