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Memories of Replica (メモリーズオブレプリカ)
v1.5.0.0 title screen
Latest Version (2013/09/20)


Atelier Izumi (あとりえいずみ)





Release Date

December 3, 2011


Poniko Poniko

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Memories of Replica (メモリーズオブレプリカ, Memorīzuoburepurika) is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Atelier Izumi. It is a sequel to Houchou Shoujo Gensoukyoku, although it is different in both art style and gameplay. The game borrows characters and dream worlds from the original Yume Nikki while giving them actions and positions different to their original counterparts.

After the update, all conversations and story events within the game were removed. Characters unrelated to Yume Nikki were also put on the chopping block and either removed or replaced.


Memories of Replica is a Metroidvania set in an alternate version of the Yume Nikki world. You play as Poniko who wields scythe as her main weapon.

As the player progresses, a pistol may be purchased from Seccom Masada, allowing damage to be dealt from a distance.

Enemies killed by the player drop spheres of Dream Points (DP), acting as a currency. DP can be used to purchase restorative items, pistol parts, and HP/SP upgrades.

Replicas of the effects from Yume Nikki can be found throughout the world with some of them acting as passive power-ups. A single replica may be equipped at a time, affecting stats and unlocking special moves.


  • Z: Attack
  • X: Jump
  • C: Special attack (depends on equipped Replica)
  • A, Shift, Ctrl: Dodge
  • D, V: Shoot (depends on equipped Replica)
  • S, Enter: Pause/Inventory menu

Houchou Shoujo Mode[]

After finishing the game for the first time, "Houchou Shoujo Mode" will become accessible on the title screen. Within this mode, the player takes control of Madotsuki who starts with the Knife replica and uses unique special moves. Unlike Poniko, in all game versions, Madotsuki doesn't have any lines and cannot interact with any NPCs other than merchants and the healer.


All story events were removed in update. The following content is a summary of the story found in v1.0.0.5 or earlier.
None of the characters are called by name in the story and all area names are referred to as "temporary code names".

The story begins with Poniko standing in the woods in front of Madotsuki's "mansion" within the dream world. Upon entering she finds that Madotsuki is nowhere to be found and mentions having heard that inhabitants of the dream world can go mad. Believing something unusual happened to Madotsuki she decides to try and find her.

Poniko travels through the Wilderness ("荒野", kouya) area while fending off hostile dream-world beings and arrives at the Shelter ("シェルター"). There she finds dream-world beings who have gathered together in the one place they can still keep their sanity. She meets up with various characters from Yume Nikki who provide services to help her on her search in exchange for Dream Points she gathers from hostile dream-world beings:
- Seccom Masada: Sells a pistol-shaped relic and parts to upgrade it with.
- KyuuKyuu-kun: Sells restorative items.
- A monk similar in appearance to a Jellyfish: Teaches dodging techniques ("回避術", Kaihi-jutsu).
- Onsen-san: Who manages a hot spring acting as a healing spot.
- Mars-san: Acts as a seer and gives directions to the next destination Poniko must visit to deal with the chaos of the world.
- Monoe, Monoko, Cube Guru, and Mafurako: Provide items and advice as the story progresses.
- A crowd of Pirori: Spit out dialogue about the world and their concern for it.

When Poniko reaches Mars-san for the first time, Mars-san refers to her as "the one guided by the world" ("世界に導かれし者"). Poniko asks Mars-san about the state of the world with Mars-san stating "The truth must be seen by your own eyes, but I still can show the way you should go. That's the only right given to me". They then direct her west to the Swampland where she can find Kimajo. Poniko goes on her way and after defeating Kimajo, finds the Witch replica.

Speaking with Mars-san again she directed towards the east in the direction of the Dense Woods ("樹海") and warns her of the acid rains found there. Before heading out she stops by KyuuKyuu-Kun's shop and buys the Umbrella replica to shield her from the rains of the Dense Woods. Along the way Poniko uses the Witch replica in combination with her pistol to burn down a large bush of grass blocking her way and finds herself traveling through the Block City ("ブロックシティ"). Eventually Poniko enters the Dense wood and fights a trio of Floyag who drop the Frog replica, allowing her to jump in mid-air.

Returning to Mars-san, Poniko is told to travel northwest to the Snowy Mountain ("雪山"). After being warned of the freezing temperatures found there, Poniko speaks with Mafurako who gives her a key to a warehouse in Block City that will contain a replica to help her traverse the mountain. Making the trip to the warehouse, Poniko finds the Hat & Scarf replica before making her way through the the Central Hallway ("中央連絡通路") and Mountain Area ("山岳地帯") to arrive at the Snowy Mountain. There she fights Yuki-onna who drops the Yuki-onna replica and Poniko makes her way back to the shelter once more.



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