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Memorial Playground
Memorial Playground's Title Screen
Latest Version

v0.10 (2021/06/26)


Cow Legs




RPG Maker MV

Release Date

June 26, 2020


Protagonist Protagonist

Nexus Doors







Memorial Playground is an English fangame created by Cow Legs. It was originally developed in RPG Maker MV for Dream Diary Jam 4 and has now been updated for Dream Diary Jam 5.

Currently there are 5 effects and no endings. It works as a demo.

Warning: The game contains some strong language.


Memorial Playground is a traditional fangame. Only that the player enters the dream world by sleeping on the couch instead of a bed as he fell asleep while watching TV. The goal is to explore and collect effects. The book on the desk is used to save the game.


  • Move - Arrow Keys
  • Interact/Select - Z/Enter
  • Open Menu/Cancel - X/Esc
  • Move Faster - Shift
  • Activate "Someone Else" Effect's Ability - Q


You play as August and explore his dreams. These dreams contains elements related to his past.


Effect Image Description
Child MemorialPlaygroundChildEff.png August becomes a child, allowing him to fit through small spaces. Dog NPCs will follow the player around when this effect is equipped.
Sketch MemorialPlaygroundSketchEff.png August becomes a human figure sketch.
Messed Up MemorialPlaygroundMessedUpEff.png August's sprite becomes glitched, distorting as he walks.
Power MemorialPlaygroundPowerEff.png August becomes a red recolored version of himself and gains the strength to open up certain barricaded arenas.
Someone Else !$sorry wiki editors.png August becomes Someone Else.

Gameplay Images (Version 0.10)[]


Version Date Announcement Download

June 26, 2021

// Itch.io

June 26, 2020

// Itch.io
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