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Kind Heart
Kind Heart's ver0.03 Title Screen
Latest Version

ver0.03 (2015/12/31)


Orange100%@Aitsuki (オレンジ100%@あいつき)




RPG Maker 2000

Release Date

October 3, 2012


AitsukiSprite Aitsuki (あいつき)

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Kind Heart is a Yume Nikki fangame made by Orange100%@Aitsuki (オレンジ100%@あいつき), starring Aitsuki (あいつき). As the title implies, the main motif of this game is (mostly red) hearts.


Kind Heart is a traditional fangame in which the protagonist refuses to leave their room and instead explores their dream world with the goal of collecting effects. The bed is used to dream, and the desk is used to save. Aitsuki wakes up through pinching her cheek. Similar to Double Dream (二重遊夢), Kind Heart has childish, simple worlds with themes such as school or fruits, a few gory events, simple BGM, effects without idle actions, and an alter ego to the protagonist.

The debug room is accessed through the bookcase in Aitsuki's dream room. Aitsuki's sprites were remade in Ver.0.025. Many locations in the game are sectioned off with traffic cones to signify an incomplete area.


Judging by Aitsuki's dreams, she may have had problems in school despite an outgoing personality. The girl with red twintails is suggested to be based on one of Aitsuki's bullies.

Aitsuki's in-game description refers to her as an older sister. She has a younger sister named (according to unimplemented text) Dakitsuki (だきつき). They appear to be sleeping and living in the same room, as there is a double bed and a desk with two chairs in Aitsuki's room. This may hint to them being twins or just very close friends and sisters.

(Highlight to view at your own risk.)

Dakitsuki is the only chaser in the game so far, but she never chases or traps Aitsuki unless she is stabbed in the eye with the Scissors effect. If Aitsuki is caught afterwards, she is teleported to a sectioned-off, heart-shaped area of the heartbeat maze containing a pre-stabbed (but harmless) Dakitsuki. According to these events, Dakitsuki may also be the reason Aitsuki refuses to leave her room: she hates seeing what she had done to her beloved little sister. Her motive for harming her sister is unknown considering their implied positive relationship. The few possible explanations to this behavior can be mental affliction or Dakitsuki being the reason Aitsuki was bullied.


Name Image Description
School Uniform / Seifuku (せいふく) KindEff01 Aitsuki wears a school uniform. This effect is required to obtain the Smile effect.
Smile (えがお) KindEff02 Aitsuki has a cheery expression on her face.
Snow (ゆき) KindEff03 Aitsuki's body appears to be made of snow, causing snow to fall.
Scissors (ハサミ) KindEff04 Aitsuki carries a pair of scissors as a weapon, causing NPCs to run away and allowing Aitsuki to kill them.
Panda (バンダ) KindEff06 Aitsuki wears a panda hat, hiding most of her hair underneath it.
Apple (リンゴ) KindEff05 Aituski's head becomes an apple.
Doll (にんぎょう) KindEff07 Aitsuki has blonde hair and wears a pink dress.
Wings (はね) KindEff09 Aitsuki's shirt becomes a monochrome pattern and gains a white and black wing, causing her to float above the ground and increasing her speed.
Lantern (ランタン) KindEff08 Aitsuki's hair shortens and she carries a pumpkin lantern.



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December 31, 2015

Pixiv (Patch)

May 18, 2014


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May 14, 2013


April 27, 2013


April 20, 2013


October 27, 2012

ver0.00 (Bugfixed)

October 4, 2012


October 3, 2012



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Known Bugs/GlitchesEdit

  • At the original location of the Smile effect, it is possible to collect more than one due to a "switch definition" error. You cannot get this from there when you have owned the Snow effect. (The one in the debug room isn't affected, it only allows you to get it there once.)
  • When pinching yourself awake at Aitsuki's dark balcony, her sprite becomes normal instead of remaining dark.
  • When waking up while being in the Heartbeat Maze, its BGM will continue playing after you wake up. This continues until you save your game again or open the music box.