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June 30th
June 30th's Title Screen
Latest Version

N/A (2019/06/30)






RPG Maker MV

Release Date

June 30, 2019


Hibiscus Hibiscus

Nexus Doors







June 30th is an English Yume Nikki fangame created by adanteallegro for Dream Diary Jam 3. The game was developed in RPG Maker MV.


June 30th plays like a traditional fangame. The goal of the game is to collect eight souvenirs to have a wish granted. The player enters the dream world by sleeping in the bed. The player can save by using the suitcase by the bed.


  • Move - Arrow keys
  • Interact/Select - Z
  • Open Menu/Cancel - X/Esc
  • Wake Up - 5 (While dreaming)
  • Effect Action - 1


You play as Hibiscus, a college student. Hibiscus is spending a summery June 30th at Hotel Paradise. The hotel has a secret: a room accessible only in dreams that, on owning a lot of souvenirs, will grant someone their wish. Each souvenir brings a character back to the wishing room, and only when all eight are there can the wish be granted. Hibiscus may have made a wish before, however...

Souvenirs (Effects) and Items[]


Name Image Description
Floppy Hat June30thFloppyHatEff.png Hibiscus wears a sun hat.
Scooter June30thScooterEff.png Hibiscus rides a scooter, increasing her speed.
Headphones June30thHeadphonesEff.png Hibiscus wears headphones. Pressing 1 will play different music.
Fan June30thFanEff.png Hibiscus has a fan for a head. Pressing 1 allows Hibiscus to return to the Hotel Corridor.
Floaties June30thFloatiesEff.png Hibiscus wears swimming aids. She can pass through water tiles with these equipped.
Game Girl June30thGameGirlEff.png Hibiscus holds a portable console for playing RoPaSci. When equipped, any NPC with a Game Girl will bounce and can be challenged to a fight.
Laser Tag Gun June30thLaserTagGunEff.png Hibiscus holds a laser tag gun. She will move faster and can "kill" NPC's by running into them.
Cowgirl Outfit June30thCowgirlOutfitEff.png Hibiscus dresses as a cowgirl and her movement is slowed to steps, like that of a board game.


  • Medal Chart - A piece of paper tracking the player's progress of getting the full set of medals, showing pictures of the 8 medal knights (only 7 knights are included in the game and are required to earn the Secret Key).
  • Secret Key - Gained automatically after earning all 7 medals. It can be used from the menu to instantly teleport to a secret room.
  • Brochure - Used to review the game's instructions.

Gameplay Images (Version -)[]


Version Date Announcement Download

June 30, 2019

Tumblr Itch.io
Dream Diary Jam 3

A month long celebration of Yume Nikki's 15th anniversary (2019). Site

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