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Hell Diary
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RPG Maker VX Ace
(originally RPG Maker 2003)

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Hell Diary is an English fangame developed by Noyemi K, following the adventures of Eun (pronounced " 은 ", similar to "Un") through the dream-world equivalent of Hell.

This game was originally developed in RPG Maker 2003. At the release of v0.03, the game was remade in RPG Maker VX Ace, along with a dossier system and new areas.


There are no "effects" in Hell Diary, instead there are certain items that have various uses, as well as other characters that may join you along the way, companions have their own items to help you explore such as a Multitool.

A dossier system was introduced in v0.03, allowing Eun to record information on residents of Hell as she interacts with them, along with events and investigations.


The game is set in the same world as Amihailu in Dreamland, 29 years prior to the game's events. The game's titular Hell appears to be a vast plain with many unknown features (as the entire dimension is pitch black from a lack of natural light). The game's setting includes a tall tower in the center of the heavily populated Hell City, and one of the city's many boroughs, the city and region are connected by a rapid transit system, making a brief appearance in the game.

In 2221, the young shaman Hana disappears from the shrine complex in Nampodong, a suburb of the Galwi capital city. The elder priestesses fear a politically-motivated kidnapping, but their investigation turns up something far more sinister. Hana may have disappeared into Hell, and the only hope they have of finding her again is her old friend and former acolyte Eun Utai.

As she enters Hell for the first time, Eun finds she is not the only one investigating Hana's disappearance. The Hell Investigative Bureau, run by a powerful clan of ancient demons, is working hard to stop a revolt of their own while preventing Hana from sparking an interdimensional and international incident. Eun teams up with the HIB to figure out why humans are suddenly being pulled into Hell, agreeing to share information as they search for the cause.


There are a number of characters in Hell Diary, some join you as a companion to aid you, but very few can return with you from Hell.

Name Image Description
Eun Utai
Age 26, Eun is a software developer for the multinational technology conglomerate Delmun Corp. In 2220, she was subcontracted to the Jikjon Constabulary Office to install computers and write new database software. Her previous time as a member of the clergy has given her a bit of a superstitious nature. She is the player character, and as such, does not speak for herself often.
Captain Chun Utai
Age 22, Chun is a young officer in the Royal Legion. In 2221, she was deployed to the western end of the country for an undisclosed campaign. She has a positive relationship with her sister Eun.
Noriko Yalmun
Age 22, Noriko arrived in hell traditionally — killed in an anti-revolutionary raid not long before Eun first entered Hell. The shock of her sudden death and the embarrassment caused by appearing in Hell with her body completely intact has shaken her faith somewhat, but she is a promising candidate for a number of Demon clans thanks to an apparent abundance of spirit (deceased rarely appear in Hell as anything more than a wisp or shadow). She is found in the library, mourning her death and separation from her brother.
Anastasiya Faulken (Nastya)
Age 15, Anastasiya is a high school student from the country of Bromnia. She is great with electronics and machines, and always carries a tool of some kind. Her bubbly personality and cheerful disposition has made her a number of friends. Lost in the school-like area of Hell, Eun finds her shut away in a closet. From there, she is able to be escorted to various safe locations as a companion equipped with a multitool. Additionally, she later becomes the mother of Mikhail Faulken in Amihailu in Dreamland.
Inspector Fumiko
Age ~300, Fumiko is a demon from colonial times. She is generally playful and flirtatious, with a pronounced sensitivity to temperature. Her knowledge of magic and intellectual flexibility may guarantee her a promotion, if only a straight answer could be gotten from her on a regular basis. She later appears in Amihailu in Dreamland.
Inspector Takako
Age ~40, Takako is a demon from modern times. Keen intellect and spiritual strength have guaranteed her position in the clan, but an event from 28 years ago (involving her death) has left her incredibly depressed. Fumiko can almost always be seen near her. She later appears in Amihailu in Dreamland.
Chief Inspector Chisato
Age ~950, Chisato is a demon from feudal times, a superior as demanding of her subordinates as she is herself. The rapid onset of the Information Age has dulled her effectiveness somewhat, much to her chagrin. She is known for a short temper and alarming physical capability. She later appears in Amihailu in Dreamland.

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Version Date Announcement Download
Version 0.03 Unknown ? Mediafire
Version 0.02a

November 8, 2012

? Mediafire
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