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Complete walkthrough for Hell Diary (Version 0.03).

Version 0.03 GuideEdit

After some dialogue you gain control of protagonist Eun. You can save by interacting with the computer or change Eun's clothes by interacting with her closet. Leaving the house will take you to the shrine. Ask the priestess about the haze. You'll now have a case file about Hana's disappearance.

Interact with the obelisk to enter Hell. Enter the doorway on your right then go down the stairs. Enter the first door on the left and talk to the NPC. Leave the room and talk to the NPC beside the door.

  • Say: What are you bringing her?

You'll receive the Chisato's Dossier file. Go left, down the stairs then leave the building through the bottom-right door. Talk to the NPC at the docks. For dialogue pick:

  • I'm looking for Fumiko.
  • What are you looking into?.

Fumiko will now join your party. Head up through the wide alley/road. Go up then go through the narrow passage on the left. Talk to Chisato.

Leave the room then head back to the docks. Go left and up the stairs to the obelisk. Enter the doorway on the left. Go left again to reach the library. Head down to an NPC in front of some bookshelves, then go through the door on the left. From the door, go down then go straight right to a door you can enter.

After the cutscene you'll now have Nastya in your party. Head back to the obelisk. Interact with the obelisk to return to the shrine. Talk to the priestess. You have the choice of either leaving Natsya with them or taking her home to your flat.

This version technically finishes here. While you can still explore and talk to NPC's, you won't make any more progress plot-wise.

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