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September 30, 2012


Sanagisp Sanagi (さなぎ)

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GOCCO (stylized as GOCCO) is a half-RPG Yume Nikki fangame made by Ninfea (にんふぇあ).


You play as Sanagi (さなぎ), a child living with her mother. Her dream world, oddly, can be accessed directly from reality by exiting her house and interacting with one of the 4 items outside it (the place serving as a nexus).

During the game you can lose physical strength and vision sharpness by coming in contact with certain NPCs and chasers. You can buy or find items to regain your strength and vision if necessary.

Aside from 13 effects to collect, you also can obtain a large variety of items and achievements. Just like in an RPG, Sanagi can level up through earning experience points. If Sanagi dies in her dream, she will wake up in her bed in "reality". The game can be saved only outside of her dreams, by interacting with Sanagi's mother.


The protagonist of this game, Sanagi, lives with her mother in a small house at the water's edge. Her house has only one room which contains a bed, a table with two stools and a small kitchen, where her mother spends most of her time. There are 4 items located outside of her house which teleport her to different places in her dream.

According to the Esc. menu, Sanagi is a young child. This fact is confirmed by a dream location referred to as "Kindergarten", which has one separate room where a transparent kindergarten teacher appears to be brushing (a transparent) Sanagi's hair.


Name Image Description
Tire Iron
GOCCOEff04 Sanagi holds a gray tire iron, allowing her to kill NPCs. Pressing D makes her swing it. Some NPCs will run away from her, while others will become aggressive. Chasers are much faster when this effect is equipped.
GOCCOEff05 Sanagi wears a crown on the side of her head. Pressing D key makes her chuckle.
Pointed Hat
GOCCOEff03 Sanagi wears a dark blue dress with a matching pointed hat and black boots. Pressing D makes her spin as her eyes glow red, significantly slowing down chasers and causing other NPCs to stop or change their form.
Vacuum cleaner
GOCCOEff10 Sanagi becomes a pink vacuum cleaner. Pressing D attracts NPCs.
GOCCOEff08 Sanagi's eyes and limbs are grey, her limbs becoming long and thin. She also has a grey wire on her dress instead of the usual red heart.
GOCCOEff02 Sanagi wears a light blue dress with a snowflake. Pressing D makes it snow. Pressing D again stops the snow.
GOCCOEff06 Sanagi wears a pink headset. Pressing D makes them play a sound.
GOCCOEff07 Sanagi is drawn in Madotsuki's style, giving her the nickname Sanatsuki (さなつき). Pressing D makes her shut her eyes, further resembling Madotsuki.
GOCCOEff09 Sanagi appears in large pixels. Pressing D makes her temporarily unblur, then switch back.
Female Doctor
GOCCOEff01 Sanagi wears a white shirt and skirt and has a stethoscope around her neck. Pressing D converts all her mental strength into physical strength by consuming it. In other words, it heals her by consuming her mental strength points.
GOCCOEff12 Sanagi has a brown rope over her hair and neck. She also has a brown heart on her dress instead of the usual red one. Pressing D makes her hang on the rope above the ground, turning her eyes white.
GOCCOEff11 Sanagi wears her mother's blue apron. Pressing D makes her slowly blink.
GOCCOEff13 Sanagi rides a small red boat.


A detailed list of items can be located in the Walkthrough page.


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November 7, 2012

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