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Complete effects guide for Daze (Version 0.03).

Nio's Effects[]

Ink and Paper[]

Enter the white double doors. Go left until you're in the middle of a yellow spiral, then go down and enter the door. Go up and interact with the popup window. Go up again until you're teleported to a large room. Head to the top of the path then go left and up the stairs. Interact with the floating X above the microphone.


Enter the red double doors. Go left and up the stairs. Go down and when you reach a fork in the path, take the left path. Go left past the houses and interact with the left side of the screen at the end of the path. Keep going left until you arrive in a vertical hallway.

Go up the hallway to an empty room. Go down the hall to the right. Go up along the narrow pathway and interact with the plant. Go up again and enter the house. Interact with the broom.


Enter the pink double doors. Go up behind the doors and interact with the knife in the tree stump.