Chie (知恵)
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Chie (知恵 = wisdom)








pink jersey

Chie (知恵) is the main character of the game MixiM.

She tried to manipulate the dreamworlds, although only achieved this with few. Her first objective was to create a utopia in which she could live eternally with those she loved but are no longer alive in the real world, along with the few that remain alive.

At first, she didn't even think about going back to reality, but as the story progresses, Chie will start to doubt which is really the best option: staying in the dream worlds forever, or facing her trauma and going back to reality.


Her sprite shows her eyes being closed (except with the Demon effect), but the portrait images when there is a dialogue oftenly show her eyes open, which are brown.

She has omber hair in a hime-cut.

Chie wears a pink jersey, a dark blue skirt and dark grey shoes.


She's carefree and easy going, although she suffers from serious depression phases.

She’s slow paced, and tries to remain calm at any moment, although she isn’t always able to.

Her knowledge about the afterlife and society systems is wide.

Although she has a very troubled past, she tries to see the positive on everything and even embraces her dark memories so that she can learn from them. This, along with the fact that she indeed manipulated some worlds, makes most of the spaces light hearted, having to use an effect to see the dark side of the situation.

This also implies that the reason of her trauma is not specifically her past, but more of a fear towards change.

More traits of her personality can be learnt during the game, with the hints left on the effects and the events.


Chie has suffered from many sad events, some are heavily implied throughout the dialogues, like the fact that she remembers her past lifes, and some can be just found through observation and are left to speculation.

Then again, any doubts can be answered privately if asked here.