JakeBerry183 JakeBerry183 14 January

Should we make download instructions for people who want to download any of the games here (ones that are no quarantined)

We should

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TehSmile TehSmile 19 December 2020

Mediafire will start deleting abandoned accounts soon

https://twitter.com/textfiles/status/1339625133363912706 Many fangames may be lost if you won't preserve them.

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GreenToxic GreenToxic 20 March 2020

I don't know what to do.

I really want to make a fangame but I cannot make graphics to save my life. I just don't know what to use to make all of the cool graphics that are seen in so many fangames; it is just impossible for me. I have no problem with ideas for worlds or basic coding (for the most part) in RPG Maker 2003 or making short music loops, but I just can't draw graphics. Anyone have any suggestions to help me out? Honestly, I wouldn't even mind just joining someone else's game and making music for them, or something like that. Any ideas?

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Wingseffect Wingseffect 9 January 2020

An idea I guess

Hi everyone!

So, as you probably noticed, I worked a lot on articles tagged as stubs, removing lots of them from the category. However, I'm kind of blocked for some of them, mostly the Chinese fangames that doesn't work properly on my computer, even with the Chinese locale; either something's missing or corrupted, or the text is unreadable.

It's kinda frustrating for me, so I left them, but no one else seems to care about these pages (probably for the same reasons as me) and the fact that not everyone knows what to edit/complete lead me to think about an extension of the stub template, where you could write what is still needed for the page to be finished, similar to what the Vocaloid wiki is doing for incomplete song articles.

I don't want t…

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Valentin Maxie Valentin Maxie 8 January 2020

What's up, Val?

How am I doing right now? I'm fine, I guess? I've took a break for the past 2 years with almost everything around me because of personal reasons (I'm pretty sure you've heard about some of them on the YNFG fandom, right? Yeah. We know what we're talking about if you're active enough in. But this is not the main reason of this post I promise.).

Sooooo, if you ask about Einsamkeit, well yeah. I've deleted my old blogs because of that, BUT!!! HEY HEY HEY!!! IT'S BACK!!! And for real this time.

Let me tell when I've talked about Einsamkeit for the first time, I was a minor, I thought I knew how showing a RPG Maker game works, but... in fact... NO. I've learned that first of all, you should know the solid concept of your project, something that h…

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Nexus0.10 Nexus0.10 9 October 2019

Help finding information on two undocumented fangames?

Hey all!

I've discovered two fangames with barely any information anywhere on the internet. They are the Japanese fangame "OrigiN" and the Chinese fanagme "Unable".

I found this fangame's official website (it's still up! ) while browsing the Japanese YNFG wiki (you can find a link to it on our wiki's homepage). I found a link on a comment talking about Parade to an outdated Japanese wiki page on fangames, both Japanese and Western, that were apparently problematic to a lot of players, mainly for stolen art assets from other games and copyrighted materials. There are other fangames listed (among some OriYume projects) that were apparently released but I can't find any info online, such as "Yumemi (夢見)" and "mudai". One of the fanagmes on this…

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Senor Hoovy Senor Hoovy 27 May 2019

Flowchart map making?

I've seen the flowcharts that have been used to create game maps, such as the ones for Yume Grafittiand Someday. Does anyone know what program I can use to make flowcharts like these?

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CinnamonZephyr CinnamonZephyr 2 March 2019

a bug that was introduced into a stupor

It seems to me that almost everyone is faced with the fact that: the inability to get to the dream locations after 3 sleep that fixed, so don't worry about it and sorry for this!

upd: also the game crashes due to the lack of some files that have not been added to the desired folder

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CinnamonZephyr CinnamonZephyr 28 February 2019

deja vu ver. 0.0.1

a new version of the game is available for download!

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NyakiDev NyakiDev 17 February 2019


this is like my third account because i keep forgeting my others

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Facto Facto 28 December 2018

Fangame Subpage Idea (Changelog)

Hello all!

After working with -1 some more to return to regular editing here, I realized that there is a part of the development process the wiki does not touch on as much: the version differences in a fangame! With this in mind, I wanted to propose a new page type to do just that. Inspired by Version Difference and Prototype pages of video game documentation and data preservation site The Cutting Room Floor, Changelog pages would detail changes made by the developer in versions whenever available, separated by version and then further separated by location of changes (menu changes, added maps, deleted files, etc). Depending on the importance of updates, images can be used to explain differences, though lists can definitely suffice in some c…

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Halcyan Halcyan 26 November 2018

About 2kki's download links section

Hello !

It's been some time since I've started wondering if we shouldn't do something about the download links section for Yume 2kki. It's already very long and it will get even more longer as it updates very often ; that could be annoying at some point (also, there isn't even every version of the game listed...)

So, do you think we should try making something else for this ? Like, maybe make a separate page for it, or only display the current version and throw the older ones in an archive that could be linked on the page ?

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ARandomUser1234 ARandomUser1234 17 November 2018


Hi everybody!

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JustSimon JustSimon 8 November 2018

What i like in Yume Nikki Hasei and what makes me upset

Privet,my name is JustSimon, you can call me J.S and this is my first ever blog, so what i can say, what i like i like in Yume Nikki Hasei aka Dream Diary Fangames, this games can seems to really weird and pointless, but then, when dig in them more and more, you can find something interesting, something intriguing, something mysterious, i talk about theories, Yume Nikki Hasei is kind of games that never give to you straight answers, in mostly of them you must find solution yourself, you can imagine or create your own theory about one or another story, theory can be created by researching of dream worlds, NPCs, chasers and if it possible endings, everyone have a possibility make their own theory, not everyone can agree with some theories an…

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SpiderRolling SpiderRolling 7 November 2018

Banning Downloads Links Polls

Polls are closed. Wow it was pretty close! I'm surprised no one against the ban has commented to share their reasoning. I'll start writing up the official rule and start the processes of removing downloads and quarantining the pages.

Since I can't officially close wikia polls (either you delete them or let them keep running) these are the results at the time of the poll close:

Should we ban download links if a developer requests it? (Coma, Inspiration, and Lcd Dem)

Yes- 5

No - 4

What do you think we should we do about Lcd Dem if the ban goes through?

Just remove and ban download links - 5

Remove download links + remove more (art? videos? gallery? comment below) - 0

Delete everything - 0

Leave it alone - 4

If we ban the download links, should we dele…

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SpiderRolling SpiderRolling 31 October 2018

Banning Downloads Links Discussion

This is a discussion. PLEASE comment your thoughts. After this discussion I will hold polls to help us make our final decision.

So, the games that have come up are Lcd Dem, Inspiration, and Coma. The Coma and Inspiration devs have only requested for the games not to be reuploaded/ distributed. This seems like an easy request for us to handle. Remove the download links and lock the game pages for only mods and admins to edit. Ban the links from being shared elsewhere on the site.

It has also been suggested we delete and re-make the articles so there is no wiki history that contains links to past downloads/reuploads. I like this idea for that reason, but we’d also be losing all the comments, which I think are interesting and insightful. We wou…

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SpiderRolling SpiderRolling 25 October 2018


Here is a list of small changes we discussed on LaytonLoztew'a Wiki Suggestions blog post. Comment your thoughts! :)

We are going to have a community discussion about a controversial topic soon (please don't discuss it here), then when that's done we can work together on a wiki redesign!

  • 1 Horror Warning
  • 2 Walkthrough Changes
  • 3 Dev Boxes
  • 4 Name Translations
  • 5 Random
  • 6 Screen shots on game pages

We now have a warning notice for games that contain horror elements some players might try to avoid, like jump scares and gore. Just place it at the top of a game page that contains these things.

1. Keep track of what walkthroughs are complete and incomplete. Complete walkthroughs should have the version it's for mentioned at the top of the page. Incomplete walkth…

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LaytonLoztew LaytonLoztew 20 October 2018

Wiki Suggestions

A wiki visual redesign has been brought up a few times between some wiki users. I think some visual changes would help the wiki, as the current look doesn't sit well with most I've talked to about it. Alongside a visual redesign, I would also like to see the wiki re-evaluated content-wise. The following are some ideas to consider that I've written down over time from browsing the wiki and talking to others. Maybe some of these would be suitable for a vote like the unreleased fangames category.
The main points for a visual redesign are color scheme and maybe some images.

I am not backing all of these ideas equally, but I think they are worth thinking about. I encourage you to read the first two sections if anything.

  • 1 Other Changes to consider
    • 1.1 D…

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Saikou The Lewd King Saikou The Lewd King 20 June 2018



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FrankieQ1205 FrankieQ1205 13 June 2018

The Search For The Worst Dream

Inspired by I HATE EVERYTHINGS SFTW Series, I'm looking for the worst Yume Nikki fangames on or off this wiki. Send some suggestions in the comments and once i'm done playing it, ill write about my experience and give at good or bad score.

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LaytonLoztew LaytonLoztew 3 December 2017

A few questions

I'm sorry if these are established somewhere, but I felt like asking about these. Some things seem to vary per game, but I was wondering if there were any strong opinions about any of the following. 

  1. Are dev navboxs supposed to be ordered? I would expect them to be ordered by release date (either oldest->newest or newest->oldest). Should they be ordered if they aren't?
  2. Is there criteria for unobtainable/unused effects that are appropriate to display on the game's page? A few examples (these are for games that are not in development
    1. The effect is functional, but there is no way to obtain it without editing the game itself. An event for collecting the effect is placed but the event is unreachable or configured to suggest that the effect is not …
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SpiderRolling SpiderRolling 30 October 2017

Rule Change Poll

Edit (11/1/17):I am going to send out warnings for the games up for deletion on December 1st now. I'm pretty sure you can't "close" polls on wikia, so for future reference:

Ex-Fangames Poll: Yes - 8 No - 0

Inspired by Poll: Yes - 8 No - 0

Inspired by page Poll Yes - 7

No - 0

In response to this discussion, I'm holding a poll on new possible rule changes! Please feel free to express your concerns and opinion in the comments.

I want this to be a community decision because if these changes go through, quite a few pages that have been here for over a year will be affected.

It was already agreed upon in the previous discussion that games that do not yet have a release will be isolated to the Work-in-progress Fangames category or the Abandoned/Unreleas…

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SpiderRolling SpiderRolling 26 October 2017

Wiki Clean-Up?: Ex-Fangames, Inspired By, and Never Released Games

Edit 2: I'm really excited to launch the polls now. I think I'll try to wait one more day just in case we get more ideas. I took away the polls about what to do with Work In Progress fangames since everyone is one the same page. The only concerns now are if we should create specific rules about "inspired by Yume Nikki" vs "Yume Nikki Fangames" and about "Ex-Fangames" that never saw a release as a fangame. Those I really want to do polls on because pages that would be affected by those rule changes seem to have a lot of edits and comments and so I really want this to be a community decision.

Edit: Please join in the discussion and share your thoughts and ideas. I will be holding a poll in about a week with everyone's ideas on how to handle t…

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Mike309 ULTIMATE Mike309 ULTIMATE 20 October 2017

corn honks

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CommanderN CommanderN 18 October 2017


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SpiderRolling SpiderRolling 5 August 2017


So I was watching a youtube video about the Lisa games when a screen shot of this wiki showed up.. and now I'm back.

I'm not going to be editing as much, but I will be fixing up some things and running the twitter.

The first thing is keeping track of new games for the twitter. My old go-to's to find updates and new games were pixiv and tumblr:

  • https://www.pixiv.net/search.php?s_mode=s_tag&word=%E3%82%86%E3%82%81%E3%81%AB%E3%81%A3%E3%81%8D%E6%B4%BE%E7%94%9F
  • https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/yume-nikki-fangame

Is there anywhere else I should be looking? I haven't done this since 2014 so it's been a while lol

The two other things I would like to take care of is the achivements and the wiki layout. I started to customize the achivement badges a while ba…

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Mike309 ULTIMATE Mike309 ULTIMATE 26 April 2017

hey hello hi

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Chesilita Chesilita 17 February 2017

I must always ask questions, always OwO

Well... Well... This time I have a different question

I'm having a struggle for knowing if a game that was inspired in YN is a YNFG... I mean, when it clearly states that was inspired in YN but doesn't state that's a YNFG in any of its text. 

So, if a game was inspired by YN is considered a YNFG, even if is an untraditional one?

Thanks for your time :3

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Chesilita Chesilita 29 November 2016

Some little questions :D

I was wondering if is viable to make a page for every YNFG creator, I mean, there are a lot of games, some with some issues to report but sometimes the game doesn't come with a "Read File" cointaining the creator's contact info and is almost impossible to find.

My point here is: Can we make a page (at least) for most active creators with their contact info so we easily can find it? Because I've seen some, but I still wonder if making them is right.

Also, wouldn't be easier to find the creators if they had a proper tag (category)? I mean, I couldn't find a tag for them and I don't know how to make one.

Well, that would be all my questions at the moment.

Thanks for reading!

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EccentricityXCOMMENTATOR EccentricityXCOMMENTATOR 5 April 2016

Thoughts About Theories

Like yeah bro, everything can be confusing. It's hard to know which language to choose and: dream language from dream disctionaries or from what you associate that symbol with or something...

I'm just going to keep making that stuff, perhaps. I'm thinking of asking some owners about it, but that would ruin fun or something.

That's all for now.

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Minirotsuki Minirotsuki 30 December 2015

supersplite's fangames

so it's only for talking about my fangames -.-

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Facto Facto 23 September 2015

Input Needed In Possible YNFG Wiki Rule Change

Hey guys.

For those of you that browse the Yume Nikki Fangames Wiki often, you may have noticed a new category that has been added for fangames: 

Abandoned/Unreleased Fangames

This category may be used to archive information on fangames that were planned, but were never mentioned past a small devblog or page elsewhere.

While the original YNFG Wiki rules state that pages can only be made for fangames with downloads, I believe that the unsung fangames are a topic that should be put onto the wiki.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter.

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Jpegurl Jpegurl 28 April 2015

Name Help

Hey! I need some help with getting some names from a fangame, if anyone can lend a hand.

So I stumbled across a fangame called Nigella the other day and played through it, and figured I'd like to make a wiki page for it here. HOWEVER, because I can't change my locale to Japanese on my computer I can only play games using NTLES as a locale emulator. It works fine and I can play Japanese games without a hitch, with just one problem- All the text comes up as mojibake.

Since there's no translation of Nigella or gameplay videos anywhere I can use as reference, I have absolutely no clue what the protaganist's name is or what any of the effects are called. If anyone is willing to help, it'd be awesome if you could take a screenshot of the title scr…

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Facto Facto 23 April 2015

Yume Nikki Fangames Wiki Adoption Announcement

Hello everyone. I have some rather exciting news regarding the Yume Nikki Fangames Wiki administration. As you may know, our current admin, SpiderRolling, has been inactive since April of 2014. Even the creator of this website, Leizanami, has been inactive. There have been multiple blank pages and images marked for deletion, only to have nothing done about them. Some time in the next week, I plan on sending a request to officially adopt the YNFG Wiki. I feel that I fit the criteria for a proper adoptee, and I hope the best for this wiki and its future.

If you have any thoughts or comments on this matter, please feel free to comment.

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Saki-Izuriha Saki-Izuriha 12 April 2015

New Yumenikki Fangames' Event!

"Yumenikki Fangames' Minigame Score Match  " is taking place.

The sponsor cannot speak English, so I'm informing you of this event instead of him.

It's going to be held from May 3 through May 10. It is divided into two terms.

Yumenikki NASU, Yumenikki NASU (App ver), Yume2kki MINIGAME B, Debris YOKE, & .B.P パイロン走

.flow SHINSOKU NEKO, Mikanmuzou TA_BE_, ultra violet PANErabbit & De I Cide きのこ狩り&たけのこ狩り

To join this event, play these minigames during the period, take the screenshot of your score, and send it to yume2kki_kikaku@yahoo.co.jp  or @kansetugaitamu1 (on Twitter) or tweet with the hashtag #ミニゲーム企画  on Twitter. You can play one or more games.

Highest scorer will be displayed on the ranking, so dont forget to send the Name you want to be dis…

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WavyUp WavyUp 6 April 2015

RPG Maker 2k3 Korean font decision

This is default font.

This is custom font #1. (batang)

This is custom font #2. (Gulim)

Which one is better for you? (I'll make English font decision article later.)

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Facto Facto 20 March 2015

A problem with RPG Maker 2003

EDIT 2: I have found the issue and have fixed it.

I am currently attempting to translate an English RPG Maker 2003 game into Japanese. This was partially to share the game with the Japanese fandom and as experimentation for if I get to translate other fangames to Japanese. I had all the pictures and everything set up, and all that was left was replacing the text with Japanese.So, as I pasted ミミ into the Hero name slot, the name looked fine on the leftmost list, but appeared as .~.~ in the box I typed into. Curious, I oped the game up in RPG Maker 2003 to see if it had the same issue in-game. Unexpectedly for me, it was the same .~.~ as in the editor.

I have tried to fix this in multiple attempts, each one failing so far. After trying to use …

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Cola160 Cola160 12 March 2015

Erm, Hi :3


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Facto Facto 9 March 2015



Just in case you were feeling good today.

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Facto Facto 27 December 2014

Some dream I had.

Last night I had a pretty interesting dream about Yume Nikki. I ended up waking up at 5:30 and recorded it before I had another dream and forgot about it.

In my dream last night, I was playing Dream Graffiti, and apparently it was some new version, because I ended up in some abandoned city area. There was no wreckage or broken buildings, there was just no one out. Everything was tinted a shade of night blue, and I entered a building. In each building was a room with large desks with computers on them in rather erratic placement. I had found what I described to myself as a "super effect" that had changed Yomica's hair to red, and her clothes to yellow. Multiple blue orbs floated around her as she walked (this was achieved by the orbs being p…

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Facto Facto 7 December 2014

Fangame Collaboration Proposal (PROJECT OBSERVER)

Has anyone ever heard of Yume Nikki: Solitude? For those wondering, this was an attempt at getting Uboachan to create a project using each others' ideas. It didn't turn out well, but this was 2011, a time where low-quality fangames were dominant. However, the fangames that have lived to see 2014 are much better looking and have experienced creators as well. Since most of us here know a thing or two about fangames (I hope), perhaps all of us could make a fangame!

  • 1 Progress
  • 2 Basic Ideas
  • 3 List of NOs
  • 4 How To Add Maps
  • 5 Needed Before Submissions
  • 6 Current Members

Title: ISEKAI NIKKI (Diary of Another World)

If a good idea is created, these may slightly fluctuate.

  • There will only be one protagonist.
  • The language of the game will be in English.
  • The protagonist …

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1337doom 1337doom 19 October 2014

Proposition: Dev/community stuff here too?

A while back a forum was attempted to be created called IndieSomniac for YN fangame devs and fans, however it has not received any posts since July. While it was a very good idea for a community, it appeared that it was just too niche to maintain users for long. Instead of attempting to revive that, I was thinking we could attempt to have this place have more of a community aspect to it on account of how we already receive regular edits and contributions. Attempting to build community around here is more feasible than trying to start or revive an additional site because we don't need to keep people directed here to continue it's popularity since some of us are already here. Instead it'll be more related to trying to establish this place's …

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Timbomaster111 Timbomaster111 30 August 2014

Mind reader vr:test1!

Check out my tumblr for mind reader vr: test1!Link here!

Scroll down and you'll see it!

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BuddyFaith BuddyFaith 28 April 2014

Another Way update

For anyone who cares or has played Another Way, I plan on having a small update soon, which fixes some of the more glaring problems in the game.

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Maqinor101 Maqinor101 22 February 2014

Flowchart & Walkthrough

This page will show the walkthrough that I am attempting to do, work in progress or had already done.

  • 1 Preparing to do
    • 1.1 Ultra Violet ver0.04
    • 1.2 Amnesia ver0.06+
  • 2 Work in progress
    • 2.1 *illness*
    • 2.2 Lost†Game
  • 3 Already done
    • 3.1 Yume Graffiti ver0.03
    • 3.2 Farewell ver0.05+
    • 3.3 Musou Yuugi
    • 3.4 Yume Nikki 3D ver0.02
    • 3.5 Yume Nisshi ver0.03
    • 3.6 My Favorite ver0.06

  • I am still collecting the effects.

  • I might find some time to download.

  • Preparing to make a flowchart.

  • Preparing to make a guide.

  • Done most of the guide.
  • But I don't really confirm which events in the list are truely the points that progress for the ending 1, so it might change in the future.

  • Done most of the guide.
  • There are some events I might miss out such as the connection of Art Gallery or some effects events,…

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WavyUp WavyUp 7 February 2014

Error 503

Does anybody know why this message pops up on this site?

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HimeNikki HimeNikki 15 January 2014

Dreamers (Look) Think Alike

Since the Yume Nikki fandom had become unexpectedly large throughout the years, there are bound to be certain (mostly) unintentional similarities. Thus I decided to dedicate this blog to anything alike you can think of in different Yume Nikki derived works.

Here are the main topics I'm going to cover:

  1. Characters
  2. Effects
  3. Locations
  4. NPC (Other Characters)
  5. Music

  • This blog does not apply to: Intentional references of other games (ex. The Dressing Room in Yume 2kki, the Paintings Gallery in Me, The Doormats in Hallucigenia) OR when a producer of one game "borrowed" or intentionally took artwork/media from another work to include it in his.
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Plasterbrain Plasterbrain 5 January 2014


Hello again!

I updated the Characterbox to match the style of the Gamebox. The sprite section is now COLLAPSIBLE. I removed the parameters for custom colors. Also, as most character ages are unknown, that section will not appear if you leave the box EMPTY.

iiiiiit's Plasterbrain 23:06, January 5, 2014 (UTC)
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SpiderRolling SpiderRolling 5 January 2014

Dev List Help

Hey guys! I got an idea that I'm testing out for developers with multile games. I'm thinking one of those navigation boxes at the bottom of some wikia pages (example: http://zelda.wikia.com/wiki/Template:LANav but without the expand because the list will be small) for each dev (with multiple games). It might turn out ugly, but for now I'm trying to compile a list. This will avoid using tags for each dev.

This is my test: http://yumenikkifg.wikia.com/wiki/Template:NavBoxTest

Please help with the list and give feedback. 8D Thank you!

  • Nightmare Castle
  • Hell Diary
  • Amiha's Nightmare Castle (悪夢城のアミハ)
  • Amihailu in Dreamland
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Plasterbrain Plasterbrain 5 January 2014

Site Updates

Yo. Updated the images and poll along with some links on the main portal. I also revised the game infobox, so if you came on while it was wonky and screwing up that would be why. Should be fixed now.

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