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Another Way
Another Way's Title Screen
Latest Version

1.0 {final} (2019/1/29)






RPG Maker VX Ace

Release Date

April 20, 2014


Drake Drake

Nexus Doors







Another Way is an English Yume Nikki fangame made by FenrirDarkWolf in RPG Maker VX Ace.

You play as Drake, a mad scientist who has trapped himself in his lab. He can explore his subconscious via the teleporter in his lab. The game was on hiatus for five years, between 2014 and 2019, until the creator released the final version on January 29, 2019.


Another Way is a traditional-styled fangame where the player explores the dream world and collect effects called Experiments in game. Experiments are used with the Shift key, and the player can return to the Lab at any time with the Return button from the main menu. An interesting thing about the Experiments is that each one has it's own face portrait, save for a few.


There is little to no plot, as the focus is more on exploring a mad scientist's subconscious. Drake could be exploring his subconscious for any number of reasons, from pure curiosity to self-experimentation to just for fun. There are very few people in his world.

In the real world, Drake can take the left-hand stairs go into a small hallway with an elevator that doesn't seem to work, and a smaller computer. From there, he can head onto his balcony. When you try to go onto the right stairs, he will say "No," or make a noise that indicates he does not want to leave.

Experiments (Effects)[]

You can undo the effects of an Experiment with the "Normality" option in the Experiments screen.

Effect Image Description Portrait
Wolf DrakeEff05.png Drake becomes an anthropomorphic wolf, increasing his speed. Drakewolf.png
Zeppelin DrakeEff08.png Turns Drake into a Zeppelin, allowing him to fly over gaps. Drakezepplin.png
Lawyer DrakeEff01.png Drake becomes a lawyer. Pressing Shift causes him to object, making NPCs stop, or resume movement if pressed a second time. This is possibly a reference to the Ace Attorney visual novel series. Drakelawyer.png
Sharpshooter DrakeEff06.png Drake carries a rifle. Pressing Shift makes him aim, making NPCs run away. Interacting with them will kill them. Drakenormal.png
Russian Doll DrakeEff02.png Drake turns into a Matryoshka doll. Pressing Shift warps him to the Nexus. Drakerussiandoll.png
Cor Anglais DrakeEff09.png Drake plays a Cor Anglais or English Horn. Pressing Shift makes him play three notes. Drakenormal.png
Small DrakeEff10.png Drake turns tiny, allowing him to pass through small holes. Drakenormal.png
Woman DrakeEff07.png Drake becomes a woman, turning male chasers neutral and female chasers hostile. Drakewoman.png
Electric DrakeEff03.png Drake turns electric. Pressing Shift makes it rain. Pressing it again will make it stop. Drakeelectric.png
Blueberry DrakeEff04.png Drake's head gets replaced with a blueberry. Drakeblueberry.png
Color Guard Drake12.png Drake becomes a member of the Color Guard. Pressing Shift makes him sway his flag side to side, attracting NPCs. Drakecolorguard.png
Otter Drake13.png Drake turns into an otter, working as a speed effect underwater. Drakeotter.png
OFF Drake14.png Drake turns monochrome and into a baseball uniform, resembling The Batter from RPG Maker game OFF. Pressing Shift summons three rings behind him and lights up dark areas. Drakeoff.png

Gameplay Images (Version 1.0 {final})[]


Version Date Announcement Download
1.0 {final}

January 29, 2019

DeviantArt Mediafire

April 20, 2014

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