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Anomiac.'s Title Screen
Latest Version

n/a (2018/07/02)


Kip Icon




RPG Maker MV

Release Date

July 2, 2018


The Girl The Girl

Nexus Doors



(Denizens) 20



Overview[edit | edit source]

Anomiac. is an English Yume Nikki fangame created by Kip Icon. It was made for Dream Diary Jam 2 in RPG Maker MV.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Anomiac. is a traditional fangame. The player enters and explores the dream world by sleeping in the bed. Instead of effect collecting, the goal of the game is to find all 20 NPC's wandering the dream world to see the ending.

Along with these NPCs is a jester character who'll teleport to a different location when interacted with. The player can save at any point from the options menu.

Controls[edit | edit source]

  • Move - Arrow Keys
  • Interact/Select - Z/Space
  • Open Menu/Cancel - X/Esc

Plot[edit | edit source]

You play as The Girl, who has been hospitalized due to a stroke. Unable to leave the hospital, all she can do is explore her own dreams. Along the way, she is accompanied by another character referred to as The King.

Gameplay Images (Version -)[edit | edit source]

Download[edit | edit source]

Version Date Announcement Download

July 2, 2018

Dream Diary Jam 2

A month long celebration of Yume Nikki's 14th anniversary (2018). Site

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