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Amihailu in Dreamland
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November 18, 2012


Amihailu Amihailu

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Amihailu in Dreamland is a Yume Nikki based game produced by Noyemi K. The game stars Amihailu, a 19 year old graduate of the Military Academy in New Soleknaya. The player must use key items to solve puzzles and progress the game so they can explore new areas with the friends they meet in the dreamland. Triggering certain events will cause Amihailu's head to feel clearer, and also open up new areas for exploration.


Amihailu in Dreamland is a Yume Nikki fangame, where you explore an odd world in a fashion free from danger for the most part. There are a few areas where this game is different, however:

  • There is dialogue and text in the game (otherwise solving the puzzles would be impossible)
  • The focus is more on puzzles and storyline than effects and wandering. Though players can get lost in the game like any other FG, thanks to Amihailu's inherent unreliability.
  • The player cannot exit and enter the dreamworld freely
  • Some events may have different outcomes depending on whether your partner is in the party, or if you triggered another event previously. Additionally, your choices in certain main sequence events may affect item placement and how events play out" - taken from Amihailu in Dreamland's readme.

The game focuses heavily on observing key elements in dialogue and your surroundings, and exploration, rather then just wandering around.

There is also the option for one of your friends to join your party. In the 1.00 and 1.05 updates, the game included some new content that makes strong references to Nightmare Castle, including the new meadow world and tech lab areas and an effect for Amihailu.


The game opens with the main character, Amihailu returning home and finding herself all alone, after a brief search for her friend Mikhail, she instead decides to get some sleep, awakening to find herself in an area she does not recognize, her mind is foggy and she is unable to remember what she was doing before she arrived, so Amihailu begins her search, trying to find out where she is and how she ended up there, as you explore, more areas open up and characters become easier to understand as she regains her clarity.


Name Image Description
Hook Pick
Item Hook Pick.png
A thin, steel tool used to set pins in a lock.
Tension Wrench
Item Tension Wrench.png
A flat tool used to turn a lock plug and apply tension when picking locks.
Phone Box Key
A key for a phone box.
Skeleton Key
Item Skeleton Key.png
A key for a warded lock modified to engage only the bolt, it can open any warded locks.
Item Pistol.png
A six-cylinder pistol, chambered in 11mm magnum.
Yekaterina's Diary The diary of the network administrator, Yekaterina Barzova.
Triangle Hairpin
Item Triangle Hairpin.png
A glassy, triangular red hairpin. Can be traded for a wood block.
Item Lantern.png
A lantern that lends your eyes a subtle glow. Required to teleport back to the Dream Mansion in the latter half.
Lemon Candy Amihailu's favorite. Can be used to trigger an optional event.
Ae Cha's Diary The diary of Ksenia's aunt Ae Cha, needed to trigger Ksenia's appearance.
Tubular Key A
Item Tubular Key.png
A key for a tubular lock.
Guardian Talisman A talisman designed to return living souls to the normal world. *
Wood Blocks Given to Noriko to make carvings of unique bellybuttons for Amihailu.
Bellybutton Carvings 5 uniquely shaped carvings. Used for an event and changes the full ending slightly.
  • Using this item allows the player to view Ending A, dialogue is slightly different depending on your choices in-game.


Name Image Description
This bizarre girl is the protagonist. She speaks and acts in an immature way and possesses a heavy appetite. Her accounts and experience in the game are so unreliable or framed in such a weird way that it makes everything much more difficult to understand.
One of the first characters the player encounters, he is good friends with Amihailu and she sometimes calls him "Tumy". He's the son of Anastasiya Faulken (Nastya) from Hell Diary. He is the only character that regularly interacts with Amihailu and offers a much-needed grounding element.
The only character so far that Amihailu has not known the name of beforehand. You encounter her various times throughout the game, she often helps Amihailu or gives her tips.
Found stuck in a trance in front of a painting as well as the subway. Veronika is only looking for her girlfriend Lyudmila.
Loving girlfriend of Veronika and friends with both Amihailu and Mikhail, very protective of Veronika.
One of Amihailu's instructors from the academy. chases after her to warn Amihailu of the danger she is in and to tell her to be careful. She seems to be quite fond of Mikhail.
Evkani Fayeh
At first the player will not be able to understand his nam. He claims to be a classmate of Amihailu but his actions are strange and motives are unknown. Mystery surrounds this boy.
Explains her theory about the events of the game so far. Depending on what option you choose, also gives you the Guardian Talisman. She also makes an appearance in Hell Diary.
Inspector Chisato
Warps Amihailu and friends to deeper parts of the red painting or back. She also appears in Hell Diary.

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Amihailu in Dreamland

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