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Complete guide for Alien Flowers (Version 1.3.1).



Interact with the light, when you are blind.


Interact with the strange armless being in your crib.


When you first reach the nexus, you must interact with the strange being before leaving.


After heading through the building north in the nexus, you will see 4 doors, go through the one on the left, you can access the bathroom through here, enter a stall and interact with the bowl.


This time in the nexus, interact with the white shroom to you're right, you should be in a maze like area, there is a locked glass door at the top right corner of the maze, unlock it by interacting with all 3 poles in the maze, each pole is connected to a light near the door so you if all the lights are on then the door should be unlocked, go through this door and head left until you reach 2 mouths guarding a ???

Complete Body[]

To get this effect you will need every other effect, now interact with the southern nexus shroom, you're goal here is one of the buildings.


As of 1.3.1, you no longer go to the nexus to get the endings,

you now have to go through the north nexus door, north door again (2 north doors) and venture through the strange maze, getting caught by one of the chasers here will randomly teleport you.

Ending 1:

Go through the door at the end of the strange maze without completing your body

Ending 2:

Collect all of the effects and go through the door at the end of the strange maze