Aitsuki (あいつき)
Official art of Aitsuki. Source

Aitsuki (あいつき) あい+つき - roughly translated to "with love"


Unknown, according to concept art, she looks like a young child.






Unknown, sometimes red or pink in fanart.


Grey long sleeved shirt with white tank top over top bearing a red heart


Aitsuki (あいつき) (roughly translated to "with love") is the protagonist of Kind Heart.

This Aitsuki should not to be confused with Aitsuki, the old heroine of One-WAY.


Aitsuki has long black hair with blunt bangs, she wears a grey long sleeved shirt with a white tank top bearing a dark red heart symbol (but could also be interpreted as a long sleeved white shirt/sweater due to sprite limitations), a dark red skirt, and white-grey shoes.

AitsukiIcon - Aitsuki's current version Face Icon

AitsukiSprite - Aitsuki's sprite before version 0.025


Based on Aitsuki's effects, it is possible that she was a very kindhearted person, but unnoticed or ignored by classmates. She may have had a bad experience with classmates/in school, considering most of the NPCs are other girls in school uniforms/sailor uniforms, and you get the scissors effect in a location with many school girls.


Not much is known about Aitsuki, but it is possible that she locked herself in due to bullying. According to her in-game description she appears to be an older sister. She has a younger sister named (according to unimplemented text is) Dakitsuki (だきつき). They appear to be sleeping and living in the same room, as there is a double bed and a desk with two chairs in Aitsuki's room. This may hint to them being twins or just very close friends and sisters.

(Highlight to view at your own risk)

Dakitsuki, Aitsuki's little sister, is the only chaser in the game so far, but she will never chase or trap you unless you first stab her in the eye with your scissors. After doing so if you are caught, she will teleport you to a sectioned off, heart-shaped area at the heartbeat maze with her already stabbed in the eye, but harmless. According to these events, the younger sister may also be the reason Aitsuki refuses to leave her room - she hates seeing what she had done to her beloved little sister. It is a mystery why she did that to her because they seem to be loving each other and always being friendly to one another. The few possible explanations to this behaviour can be mental affliction or Dakitsuki being the reason to Aitsuki being bullied at school.

Other Game Appearances and ReferencesEdit

Name Image Description
A floating card of Aitsuki can be found in the Fangames Reference Spelling Room. Interact with it will show the word Love on the screen above.
MeRef Aitsuki
A painting of Aitsuki's outfit and the Panda effect can be found in the Fangames Reference Gallery.
PSRoseRef Aitsuki
A painting with Aitsuki's outfit pattern and a hint of her hair design can be found in the Fangames Reference Hallway.
PhysRef Aitsuki
A picture of Aitsuki's outfit can be found in the Fangames Reference Stairway.
RemeRef Aitsuki
A picture of Aitsuki's outfit can be found in the Fangames Reference Room.