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リーチ (Reach)
Reach's Title Screen (Ver. 0.3)
Latest Version

0.3 (2020/07/02)






RPG Maker VX Ace

Release Date

June 28, 2019


Sewa Sewa

Nexus Doors



5 (+ 2 bonus)




リーチ (Reach) is an English fangame created by Saibibi as an entry for Dream Diary Jam 3. It was developed in RPG Maker VX Ace.


Reach plays like a traditional fangame. The player enters the Otherworld through the hole in the closet. Gameplay focuses on exploration and effect finding. Alongside effects, the player must also find the protagonist's friends within the Otherworld and escort them to the Nexus. The player can also find cassette tapes which can be listened to using the cassette player in the bedroom, revealing little bits of the game's backstory.

The protagonist has a health bar that will deplete if they are caught by chasers. If the health bar is drained completely, the player will be knocked out and sent back to the bedroom. Health can be replenished by returning home and sleeping in the bed. The player can save by using the cassette player in the bedroom.


  • Move - Arrow keys
  • Interact/Select - Z/Space
  • Run - Shift
  • Effect Action - A
  • Open Menu/Cancel - X


You play as an adult named Sewa who is trying to move away with their friends.


Effect Image Description
Sewa gains another pair of arms. Allows for certain objects to be pushed. Can also be used to kill NPCs by pressing Z.
Sewa morphs their body into a boy.
Sewa becomes a giant leech. Pressing A transforms Sewa into a smaller leech. Causes NPCs to run away and can be used to kill them by pressing Z.
Sewa eye.png
Sewa's bow gains a pair of yellow colored eyes. Currently only a cosmetic effect.
Sewa moth.png
Sewa's bow turns into moth wings as they gain a set of antenna on their head. Currently only a cosmetic effect.

(Found only from bonus keyword)

Sewa spider.png
Sewa's bow takes the form of spider legs. This also doubles their speed allowing for faster travel.

Gameplay Images (Version 0.3)[]


Version Date Announcement Download
Ver 0.3

July 2, 2021

// Itch.io
Ver 0.2

June 25, 2020

// Mediafire
Ver 0.01

June 28, 2019

// Mediafire
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